There has been a posting delay and I will tell you why.  I haven’t had any internet at my house for a week.  Typically, we steal internet from Dunkin Donuts, but for some reason, our computer can’t find the signal (even though all other wireless devices can find it just fine, no problem).  So no pictures from me until we get legitimate internet or until our computer decides to accommodate us better.  Now, on to the craftiness…


There is a sewing machine in my home. Raven is lending it to me since I have a mostly empty second bedroom for it. And it came with TWO plastic tubs filled with various random accoutrements.


I used to have a sewing machine and I have actually made something before (a whole entire crooked quilt that doesn’t quite lay flat, thank you very much). So there really is no excuse for me to feel at all freaked out by this new one, but for some reason, I’m hesitant to dive into the warm waters of sewing glee.  Even though I was manically excited about sewing all my own clothes just exactly like Maria in The Sound of Music, which David can attest to since I spent $2.50 of our hard-earned money on a floral sheet at Goodwill (with cigarette burns on one end. Shut up.) so that I can make my own ruffled party skirt. Do you see how that is EXACTLY like Maria? Right?  You don’t?


CURTAIN CLOTHES!  Now you see.


This weekend, I vow to open the intimidating vinyl carrying case and set up this machine. Then I will sew myself a party skirt and make a matching shift dress for my teeny tiny brand new niece.


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