The pizza, the parade and the pee

Congratulations to the winners of the Nobel Prize for Physics-way to “unify the forces of nature” or whatever, but I’m sorry to say that I may have bested you last night by making the Best Pizza Dough Ever.  And can I just say YUM?! We got our recipe from an old cookbook that David’s grandmother gave to us a couple of years ago, so I don’t think I can post the recipe online, but it looked a whole lot like this one, so I’m sure that would be just as good.  We did not have cornmeal, which probably would have made it even better, but if we always waited until we had every single ingredient, we would never cook anything, so we made do with what we had and everything turned out just fine.


The best thing about making bread dough is the punching down part, which was performed with much enthusiasm… better to beat the crap out of the dough than each other, I always say. 


In case you are wondering, we topped our pizza with feta and spinach chicken sausages from the co-op down the road and it was deeelicious. 


After we ate, a parade passed by our house!  I will post pics later (we are getting internet at home very soon, I promise), but here is the parade rundown:


2 Marching bands

2 bagpipe ensembles

12 floats featuring smoking or otherwise burning houses, dryers, children and people.

1 float with an alien and the Loch Ness Monster

Approximately 37,000 fire trucks

Ronald McDonald in a shoe-car


I do apologize if you live in Kentucky and had a fire last night because EVERY FIRE TRUCK IN THE STATE was driving by my house at 2.5mph. With sirens and siezure lights on, naturally. It scared our dog, Maxwell, so badly that he peed all over the floor and then remained catatonic for the duration.  Anyway, we think the parade had something to do with fire safety (just a hunch), but we wish there had been less of the pee-inducing sirens and more of the pleasant and festive marching bands and bagpipes.  So did Maxwell (another hunch).


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