Many roads lead to the mountain top of denial.

Raven and I both screw up our knitting projects quite often.  The essential difference between us is that I will calmly continue on, while Raven will rip out 6 feet of perfect rows in order to fix one dropped stitch.  Both of us then pretend like nothing ever happened.  Denial, my friends.  In our minds, we are still perfect. 

Now with my normal knitting skill set, the worst thing you can do is knit where you should purl, or mysteriously gain or lose a stitch, resulting in an unsightly blip on an otherwise smooth surface.  Cabling, however, presents a whole new world of strange errors all its own.  One minute, you’re knitting peacefully, then suddenly chaos and mayhem erupt all over your work-in-progress in the form of strange, wormy ridges going this way and that all willy-nilly-like.  Just try and figure out what you did wrong there.  You never will.

Of course, I have just kept on trucking along with the neck-warmer. Bizarre mishaps and all.  I’ll put up a picture when it’s done, I promise.


1 Response to “Many roads lead to the mountain top of denial.”

  1. 1 Jami Young November 8, 2008 at 7:27 pm

    Yeah – I remember when Raven used to COMPLETELY re-write her notes in college and if she made a mistake, she’d start over… no page could have a mistake. I couldn’t (and happily don’t) live with that kind of perfectionism. I like crafts that don’t require any kind of precise skill: stained glass mosaics, modge podge, dressing myself…

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