The tone in this post does not sufficiently reflect my zeal.

The holiday season is upon us, can you believe it?  I, for one, have been thinking about Christmas since August because I LOVE IT.  Oh, you’ll see…


This Christmas, we’re doing handmade gifts.  I have always wanted to make Christmas gifts myself, but never do it because I feel strangely guilty, like I’m cheating my family or something.  Fortunately, this year provides the perfect opportunity to try this out since we have a valid excuse: no money.  Don’t panic, family: although I will admit that many (all) of my past attempts at handmade gifting possess some serious flaw (messy seams, wormy cables, fall apart in wash), I am aiming for QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP this year instead of my usual routine, which starts out fastidiously, then degenerates into rushed and haphazard as soon as I get bored (10 minutes in).  I have a few good gift ideas that I’m going to share right now, so, if you are related to me (you know who you are) and still want to be surprised on Christmas morning, stop reading!!


Mom, MIL, Sister and SIL:


Really cool reusable market bags, like Burda’s Charlie Bag,


or something like this one here.


And smaller produce bags to go inside.

Natural, non-toxic all-purpose cleaner (I use Lavender scented now, but I’d probably do something less old-lady for them—orange-ginger? Cilantro-lime?).  This is an especially good idea since my sister just had a perfect baby and my SIL just got a puppy.  I’d like both of these new family members to avoid licking, chewing and/or eating toxic yuck.


Dad, FIL, and BIL’s:


Also difficult because the Dads both already have everything they could ever need and none of them have any helpful hobbies to pigeonhole them into one gift category.  Therefore, I have no clue what to make and hope that they are more explicit in their holiday desires this time around, unlike EVERY OTHER CHRISTMAS, when the best we can do is car jacks for a 25 ton vehicle.  Even though nobody in this family has a 25 ton vehicle.  Sorry Dad. Moms, HELP!


The Kids:


Now that I am an adult, I have to get gifts for the kids.  Some are easier than others, but this year, I think I’ll get them gift certificates to Kiva or Heifer International.    I was thinking that it might be nice to give the younger ones Heifer International and the older ones Kiva, so that they can pick their entrepreneurs, then keep re-gifting the money over time.  Parents of these children should check this out, then tell me if I’m headed for disaster here. Will 10 to 18 year olds think this is lame?  Possibly. But how could they??


Well, that’s my holiday list. In a future post, I will outline my own extremely reasonable Christmas list.


1 Response to “The tone in this post does not sufficiently reflect my zeal.”

  1. 1 Knits With Carrots November 13, 2008 at 6:26 pm

    Love the idea of small produce bags! I have a bunch of reusable bags — some made, some gifted, some cheaply acquired — but am still stuck with the plastic produce bags. Awesome idea. Now I just need to figure out something for my bulk items like flour/grains…

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