Okay, I know I said we were doing an all hand-made Christmas, but did you really think that included my delightful baby niece, Ellie?  Of course not!  She is brand new to this world and is therefore in need of startling amounts of store-bought goods which I will not deny her.  I will grant you that most of said goods will be purchased by the Rich-in-Comparison-to-Us grandparents, who I am sure will lavish many Brand Name (not from Target) items on her tiny self.  Lucky girl!  Anyway, I’m suffering from the buy-stuff-for-Ellie-fever in the worst way, so I had to take action last weekend.  Here’s what I bought:


I realize that she is only 2 ½ months old and that is too young for chapter books, but how could I resist?? They are in 1950’s RAINBOW COLORS, for pete’s sake, and included in this set are HEIDI (not in picture-already being read) and BLACK BEAUTY!  And, as if price matters when faced with such perfection, the entire set was only $10!  If only I could capitalize those numbers so that they could communicate my unreasonable and manic joy!  You are now realizing that if my genes traveled to Ellie in any way, she is going to be slightly messed up.   Oh, and that other rings-on-the-stick-thing?  A total impulse buy for which I stood in a 10 minute line.  But it’s cute and wooden and I hadn’t found the Children’s Classics yet, so I was feeling desperate.


Luckily, Christmas is sort of a long way off, so I get to read through some of my favorites before I have to part with them.  That’s the beauty of vintage, friends: they’ve already been used, so I can enjoy them guilt-free until I pass them on!


1 Response to “In-which-the-hyphen-is-grossly-over-used”

  1. 1 David November 12, 2008 at 9:12 pm

    So I just noticed the back cover of Tom Sawyer looks a little dirty…We need to clean those before we give them to the baby. I dont think Granna would approve of dirty books. (Well, not “dirty”, but you know what I mean.)

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