Our Perfect Bread: Pt. 1

Baking bread was not a common activity in my house while I was growing up.  Baking in general was pretty rare, except for Christmas cookies and box mixes for birthday cakes (burning childhood question: what is funfetti made of and why is it so freaking good??), so most of the things that I bake from scratch turn out slightly amiss.  Understandably, getting into the habit of making our own bread has been a huge learning experience for both of us and, while we have soundly botched one recipe, we’ve had surprisingly great results with the rest!  It is such a magical process-just when you think that little lump of dough cannot possibly get any larger, you put it in the oven and it doubles again!  Maxwell and I just sit in front of the oven door and stare at it. Maybe I should be more embarrassed about that…

I don’t think we have quite made the perfect loaf yet, but Raven’s dad says that it’s all about tweaking a single recipe until you get Your Perfect Bread.  I think last weekend’s recipe will be the one we stick with for a while.  David found it in a cookbook we purchased at the half-price bookstore (same place we got the Children’s Classics), but I can’t find it on Amazon, so I may update this post with the recipe this weekend. 


I say all this because I think we are committing to becoming homemade bread people.  Because we are making this commitment, I will probably be blogging about it pretty regularly and it’s my responsibility to prepare you for that.  Hopefully I will not be tagging these entries as “Mistake.” 


I leave you with very homey and comforting images of David, kneading the dough.  (I can’t knead for very long because my arms get too tired, so I punk out and start taking pictures instead). 







1 Response to “Our Perfect Bread: Pt. 1”

  1. 1 Andrea November 15, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    I’m going to send you my mom’s sourdough bread recipe – it’s super easy and doesn’t require much kneading (although the whole process does take nearly three days…less once you have the starter made since you can feed it and keep using it) It is probably the best bread I’ve ever had in my life.

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