Attend the tale of produce bags…

Here I am!  Gosh, I haven’t really done anything blog-worthy lately, but last night, I did start a project: produce bags for the family Christmas gifts.  I thought to myself, “With all those holes and these gigantic size 13 needles, I’ll be able to make 1 bag every night!”  Oh how very wrong I was.  I’m using a fishnet stocking stitch pattern (increased sex appeal) with natural cotton yarn and it is seriously taking FOREVER.  I think I might try my hand at crocheting the next one—that seems faster.  My plan was to put 2 produce bags in each large grocery bag, but, in the light of recent events, that plan has been amended until further notice or significant fishnet improvement on my part. 


The stitch pattern is so simple that I’m embarrassed to even write it since it’s only 2 rows long, but whatever, here it is: Cast on an odd number (in the pattern I saw, by the way, they said “an even number +1.”  That is an ODD NUMBER, PEOPLE!).  Knit a few rows to get started, then K2tog, YO across one row and knit the last stitch, purl the next row.  That’s it!  The resulting pattern is surprising because it looks pretty complex to me.  I think it’s just the big needles, though, since you can see every stitch.  I’m pretty much doing a rectangle, then seaming up the long sides and adding a I-cord drawstring at the top.  Sounds simple, right?  That’s what I thought, too; see above for annoying reality check. 

Also,  in the non-crafting, but still awesome category, guess who scored free tickets to see Sweeny Todd on Friday?  Me and David!  So I had to go out and buy a new ruffly purple skirt just for the occasion!  Will post pictures the next time I smuggle the camera to work.


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