When stored in ziploc bags, powdered sugar looks like cocaine for giants.

Here we go, Thanksgiving is here and, God help us, we are plummeting toward Christmas at an alarming speed.  I am officially in a panic over all the projects I’ve started and now must finish by the big day, and DID I MENTION THAT IT’S ALREADY THANKSGIVING FOR PETE’S SAKE?  Holy crap.

So, what’s a girl to do?  Make homemade marshmallows and pumpkin souffle, of course!  Now, I know, that’s probably not the best use of our time, but I needed to reward myself for finishing a produce bag!  Yes, that’s right, one completed bag, only 3 more to go to meet my newly lowered goal of one per couple.  Here’s a pic:


So, now that I’m done with that, on to the SWEETS!  First, the marshmallows, which were so ridiculously easy and came out so freaking cute that a Jet Puff will never pass through my lips again (lies, I will definitely eat Jet Puff again, but these were better). 

I got my recipe from here (thanks Angry Chicken!) and made it just like they said, except that I do not now, and most likely never will, have a candy thermometer, so I boiled it for about a minute or so to make sure it was hot enough (approximately the temperature of the surface of the sun, I think is right for any candy-making activities).  Hot, molten sugar stuff always freaks me out a little, but we made it through with 0 visits to the burn unit, so I feel pretty successful on that front.  Anyway, so you boil the sugar, water and cornstarch, mix it with some gelatin and whip it for A LONG TIME, until it starts flinging strands of marshmallow fluff all over your sweater.  Then you spread it in a buttered and powdered sugared 9×13 pan and leave it out overnight.  I was too impatient to wait until after work today to turn them out and cut them, so I went home at lunch and did it.  Everyone needs to make these.  Next time, I will double the recipe and put it all into the pan so that I can have thicker mallows, but these are just fine.  And, a magical thing happens to homemade marshmallows on hot chocolate.  They melt into an inch of thick marshmallowy foam.  I know. 

You better wipe up that drool before your keyboard shorts out.


So the last recipe we tried out last night was a Pumpkin Souffle that we saw on a Martha Stewart Podcast.  We’ve now watched every single one of these and are thoroughly impressed (as always) at Martha’s mad skills.  The Pumpkin Souffle was a recipe from Todd English and it was extremely complicated.  This one was definitely David’s project because it had way to many steps for me to handle.  It was crazy.  The usual magic occurred in the oven and the souffles just popped right up like those cartoon top-hats.  They came out beautifully and may be the prettiest dish ever made in our kitchen.  Dusted with a bit of powdered sugar, they were picture perfect, see?



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