Two Words: Slipper Socks

That last post was actually written last Friday, so this post is to catch you up on the weekend’s activities (which were many and varied) and then we will be all up to date.  For organization’s sake, I will be blogging in list form today:


Activity #1: Knitting the Cottage Socks


I had really been obsessing over these slipper socks all week last week.  As soon as I saw Raven’s adorably modified Urchin Beret (which comes to a little point at the top like a little pixie hat AND has a bow—too cute!), I knew I had to make something with that super chunky yarn.  Then, I found this pattern on Ravelry and knew that I had to have them.  Immediately.  So I bought the yarn last week and sat down to make them at noon on Friday and by bedtime, they were both completed.  INSTANT GRATIFICATION (for knitters, 6 consecutive hours of knitting is about as close to instant as you can get). 




Activity #2: Tannenbaum


We went out and sort of cut down our tree.  Does it smell like oranges?  Not really.  Did we actually cut it down ourselves?  No, but we did remove it from a spike in the ground, which felt very authentic to me.  Am I disappointed by this?  Absolutely not. 



The tree is a vision of beauty and I love it.  Everything looks great on it and, while it doesn’t have that citrussy smell that I was hoping for, I underestimated how awesome the regular old pine smell can be. When I close my eyes and breathe it in, it’s like I’m 10 again.  So, I’ve been huffing the tree since we got it.  David keeps asking me to please get my face out of the tree, but I really can’t help myself. 


This year, we put a cranberry garland up.  I am a little worried that it will eventually rot and stink up the house, but it’s going strong for now.  It was surprisingly quick to string up—we just used a regular sewing needle and cotton quilting thread and did it in an evening. Not sure why these pics look like they were taken through a screen door, but here they are anyway.




Pics: Clockwise from top left: (1) David felt that the best way to untangle lights is to shake them around.  Very effective method. (2) Stringing cranberries. (3) Bowl of cranberries—make sure you don’t use the soft ones! (4) My favorite ornament from Mulberry and Lime in Lexington. (5) Me trying to get Maxwell to sit still in front of the tree.  He’s extremely docile and accommodating, as you can tell.


Activity #3: Miscellaneous Baking


Of course, David made bread.  On Monday, Maxwell escaped from his crate and ate one entire loaf.  Again SO VERY DOCILE AND ACCOMMODATING.  We just love him.



First batch of Christmas cookies!  David got a recipe from his grandma that called for 2 sticks of butter and a block of cream cheese.  Do you think they will let us schedule our angioplasties in advance? 



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