My home. My sweatshop.

Just a very short post today because I am very very busy at work and don’t have time to dilly dally around here for too long, even though I do immensely enjoy blogging. 

I wasn’t even going to post today because I’m in the midst of a huge crafting binge which does not allow me time to post on my crafting blog, oddly enough.  Seriously, though, after Christmas, there will be a crafting break because I’ve got about 64 trillion projects going right about now (I just counted over 20 in my head. And now I have to pause for a Xanax break because I feel an anxiety attack coming on).  I am a slave to Christmas.

So, what induced me to poke my head out of the frozen center of crafting hell to post for you today?  Well, I took a little peek onto my blog stats today, where it tells me what google searches led people to this blog and do you know what one of them was?  CHRISTMAS KILL.  What could this mean?  What kind of blog am I writing here??  Certainly not one about killing on Christmas, or killing Christmas itself, or being killed on Christmas.  Right?  I’d better go read through by previous posts to sort this out.

I will be posting pictures of all the craftiness very soon, possible in installments, and I’m sure Raven will do the same, since she’s got some pretty cute stuff coming together over at her place as well.  I realize that over the course of the past few months, I’ve promised several pictures and have consistently broken those promises.  Not this time, though.  I promise.


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