Oh, and Denise’s Interchangeable Knitting Needles have changed everything. Thanks, David.

Christmas is over, and we are ready to celebrate the New Year already!  David and I returned from our holiday travels last night and, while it’s always nice to see family and friends at the holidays, it is certainly a relief to walk through your own front door and into your own 57 degree apartment.  On the drive to and from Ohio and New Jersey, we listened to two audio books, Me Talk Pretty One Day and Naked, both by David Sedaris.  There is nothing better than an audio book in the car and, since we are very familiar with David Sedaris’ unique voice and humor from our constant NPR-ing, we felt pretty confident that we would enjoy these stories.  And we did.  There is honestly nothing funnier than hearing the clumsy translations of his bad French, which dominated almost 2 entire chapters.  When inquiring about the cow brains in a butcher’s shop, he asked, “Is thems the thoughts of a cows?” How can you not be laughing right now? 


Oh well, one thing I will say for both of these books is that I don’t think I would enjoy reading them as much as I did listening to David Sedaris tell them.  There’s just something about him impersonating his own parents that we can really identify with. 


So other than driving endless hours between Kentucky, Ohio and New Jersey, we did stop long enough to actually celebrate Christmas.  In Ohio, we dismissed the rest of my family in favor of our 4 month old niece, Ellie.  She just learned to smile, so we spent most of our time there making fools of ourselves and talking to her in our best supersonic voices in an attempt to bring out that gummy grin that is so sly and sweet.  When Ellie was sleeping, we talked to my parents, sister and brother-in-law about…Ellie. 


Then we went to New Jersey, where we celebrated Christmas with David’s family.  Maxwell, our pit bull mix, met Franklin, a sweet little pug puppy who has taken over the lives of David’s brother and his wife.  Maxwell and Franklin got along very well and thoroughly wore each other out.  Maxwell is still sleeping it off. 


Franklin is ready for more.


As far as gifts go, David and I made the Charlie Bag, non-toxic all-purpose cleaner, and boxes and boxes of grown up sweets (almond and cinnamon biscotti, Italian wedding cookies, chocolate covered pretzels).  To me, grown-up sweets include all confections that taste best with coffee, which all of these goodies do, and are therefore enjoyed more by adults than children.  I also made this hat in olive green for my mom and a tiny matching one for Ellie that makes her head look like a little mushroom cap. 


I know it looks sort of pope-y here, but it actually drapes very nicely when the wearer isn’t trying to hide her identity from Minions of Unkown Internet Predators.

Anyway, the handmade gifts went over very well and we may just have to make this a tradition.  One thing that will make this easier for next year is the Kitchen Aid Mixer that David’s mom got for us.  Probably our most useful gift of the year. 


and it’s so SHINY


Other very useful gifts include these eerily spot on shot-in-the dark books from David’s sage mother:




So what’s next on our agenda?  New Year’s Eve.  We plan to have a small get-together possibly featuring a fancy dinner (coq au vin? Possibly…), a fancy dessert (macarons?  Possibly…), and a fancy cocktail (something containing prosecco? Definitely.). 


1 Response to “Oh, and Denise’s Interchangeable Knitting Needles have changed everything. Thanks, David.”

  1. 1 Andrea December 30, 2008 at 10:50 am

    1 – LOVE David Sedaris. I’m currently reading “Holidays On Ice” and plan to steal “Naked” from sis as soon as she’s done. Also great is Amy Sedaris’ book “I Like You!”

    2 – Now that you have the Kitchen Aid you will wonder how you ever made anything without it. My arm muscles have atrophied from never stirring anything ever.

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