Hyper-focus: ACTIVATE!

It occurred to me today that I am always caught off-guard when asked about New Year’s Resolutions.  The truth is, I never have any.  In fact, I usually feel like I have no control over my own resolve whatsoever.  The way things usually happen is that I will suddenly be overcome with the urge to take on a project (painting the living room, knitting a blanket, losing weight, cleaning out my closet, etc), and then work on it feverishly until it is done.  This is the only way I ever get things done—long periods of total inactivity randomly punctuated by copious output.  I call this phenomenon “hyper-focus” and use it to excuse my lazy procrastination.  So now you see that my crazy mind makes it own resolutions and follows through with them regardless of the corresponding holiday. 


That being said, I want to at least pretend to have some resolutions on hand to tell people when they ask, so here they are:


My list of imaginary and futile resolutions:


1.) Knit a blanket (this is not really fair, since blanket fever is already going strong and I’ve already cast on for this)

2.) Learn to knit fair isle stuff and make some mittens

3.) Sew a party skirt

4.) Make Pad Thai and macarons (also not fair, since I’ve been obsessing over these for some time already)

5.) Move out of ritzy apartment and into cozy, old house

6.) Buy more shoes

7.) Finish the bird mobile that I started for Ellie before she moves into a big girl bed

8.) Get internet at home and take better care of the netflix cue so we stop getting stupid movies in the mail.

9.) Reupholster a piece of furniture like these folks did


Well, there they are.  By the way, this post was inspired by Andrea, whom I have voted Most Likely to See Her Resolutions to Fruition.


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