He always knows just the right thing to say…

I took an accidental blogging hiatus last week.  Oopsy.  Last week felt sort of like a time warp to me—it seemed so long, but, looking back, I got absolutely nothing done at work or at home.  So then last night, I was lying in bed having a minor anxiety attack about all the things I procrastinated last week and thus must be addressed this week.  I finally fell asleep after deciding that I would do better this week and, indeed this morning I was super-motivated, but then work was delayed an hour because of snow, so I lost my flow before I even made it out the door.  Oh well, maybe next week. 


By the way, while I was roiling with worry last night, David and I had a lovely discussion about my habit of picking at things (you know, labels, stickers, gunk, door jambs, laminate, the coffee table, pencil erasers…IT’S TOTALLY NORMAL) and he decided that I might have a psychological problem, but then we had this exchange:


Me: Well, it could be worse—I could be picking at… (pause while I try to think of the worst thing to pick at)


David: Baby eyes?


See?  It could always be worse.


Over the weekend, David and I made the trek to Ohio to visit my family because we heard that Ellie is all smiley and cute and can actually focus her eyes and react to stimuli.  I know, she’s a genius already, just like her auntie.  Plus, I had to get the baby blanket to her.  We were lucky enough to be home while Mom cleaned out the cookbook cabinet and I was the fortunate recipient of six or seven old and new-ish ones! 


My two favorites are “Praise for the Cook” and “Country Cookin’: Written for lovers of low country cooking” which features recipes for drop biscuits and wart removers.  Both essential in their own way.  The Praise for the Cook book has the most charming illustrations, although I do find them sort of sexist, if not totally misogynistic.  Still, though. 



Oh, and what’s that lovely backdrop to the photo of the books?  It is my new birthday quilt!! I will review all the awesome birthday gifts (including the sampler pattern that Raven designed–a classic already) in a later post, but suffice it to say, it was my best birthday EVER.


1 Response to “He always knows just the right thing to say…”

  1. 1 David (the spouse) February 2, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    Ha Ha I just laughed again at this. I am so funny.

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