Way to go February!

I think February got my letter and is now making a good faith effort to win my affection.  And it’s working.  Since Saturday, the weather has been crazy good.  Today, for example, it will reach 64 degrees and I’m planning to drive home with the windows down.  Perhaps I will even break out my summery music (which is basically the same as the wintery music except with more steel drums and harmonicas.)  Yes, February 2009 is definitely making an impression. 


I had a lovely weekend.  Here’s what I did:


  1. Took a historic walk at the Henry Clay estate.  Raven would be very disappointed in our lack of enthusiasm for Historical Figures of the American South.  In other words, I had to wiki Henry Clay in order to figure out who he was. Now that I know, I think we need him to come back from the dead and do some Great Compromisin’ for our congress. At any rate, Ashland Estate is a beautiful old house with a big backyard where young whippersnappers play lacrosse and ultimate Frisbee.  The Historic Walk is basically a trail that runs along the perimeter of the yard, through dormant kitchen gardens and around a real live walled garden.  I was looking for a robin to show me the door, but, as is always the case in stories like these, the gate to the walled garden was locked.  I scraped my wrist trying to climb over the wall and would have made it in if David had not shamed me out of it.  Boo.  Anyway, my scrape started to bleed and made me paranoid about Vampires, since I have filled my mind with the mush of no less than 9 and a half vampire books in the past two months, so we had to go to Old Navy and buy something.  
  2. Went to see Coraline in 3d with Raven and dragged David and Donnie along with us.  NPR told me that it would be pointless to see it in any dimension less than 3, and I do whatever NPR says to do, so there you have it.  Possibly the best part of this movie were the awesome 3d glasses, which we all saved and have great plans for future dress-up fun.  I loved Coraline like I love all Tim Burton films.  He’s so weird.
  3. Purchased and watched Rent.  No, not the cheesy movie, but the actual show.  Back when David and I were cool and lived in Philly, we would go to NYC for weekends to see a show and to wander around.  We entered the Rent lottery twice won twice and have watched it from the exact same seats in the front row twice.  We both really love it and were sad to see it close on Broadway.  The last two shows they performed were filmed live and edited together to make one great movie of the whole show, start to finish.  Lovely.rent


So, I forgave February and did all these fun things last weekend.  Very satisfying.  Hope you had a great weekend as well! 


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