I define “Industrious” a little more broadly than others

I make random things at work.  A lot. 


You see, my particular job tends to revolve around the school year, which means that right before each semester, I have a ton of stuff to do, but I’m rewarded with a few weeks of empty time at the end of February and September.  It would be easy to squander this mostly unsupervised time by reading a book, chatting on the phone with friends who are in graduate school (and are therefore almost always available for chatting), or catching up on filing, but why would I do those things when I could make stuff?  Also, one can only do said time-wasters for 4 hours, 6 tops, so how do I fill up the rest of my time??


A bookmark with a heart on it



A rubber band box



Fish on my bulletin board



A handy dodecahedron calendar


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