Marriage. That blessed arrangement, that dream within a dream…

After seeing many knitted coffee cup cozies over the past few months, I thought it would be a great idea to knit one for David for Valentine’s Day. With the knowledge that there is really only one stitch pattern that it acceptable on Valentine’s Day and that is the “X O” cable, I pulled out my handy Field Guide to Knitting, found the cable instructions and was finished in just a couple days.  Here are the acts of love that went into this project: Cabling, Button Hole Making, Calculating Decreases, Measuring.  So, you understand that this was a Labor of Love and that it was an expression of my Eternal and Undying Affection for my dear, dear husband. 


He did not like it. Then he asked me to make him another one.  Thinner this time. 


Okay, in his defense, it was a little bulky.  And also fuzzy.  And the button was huge.  But only because it was a symbol of my LOVE, which also happens to be bulky and fuzzy and huge. And he had the nerve to disagree with me when I tried to explain that these were not mistakes, but carefully premeditated design decisions! Well, needless to say, I am still reeling from this insult to my knitting competency. 


Last weekend, David decided to sew his own coffee cup cozy out of an old sweater.  And it came out totally cute and perfect and took him a tiny fraction of the time I took on my knitted one.  What is that dreadful sting? Oh, it’s just the SALT IN MY WOUNDED HEART.  Don’t mind me. 




I made one too and, because I am clearly not defeated enough already, it is not as cute as David’s. 


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