Dear Prudence…

The Prudence Easy Sweater Vest is angry and jealous.  Neglecting it and all other knitting projects was one thing, and she even forgave me for that brief tryst with the Jane Austen Dress, but now I have clearly crossed the line.



Dear Prudence will not come out to play. She does not really want to be touched right now. She is not happy.  And who can blame her? She is no competition for the fast and easy nature of baby clothes. And the wool…it’s a bit outdated now.  Did you know it was nearly 80 degrees here this week?  Yes, I know it’s snowing now, but how can I be expected to return to wool when the weather has already dictated that it is now cotton, silk and linen season?  I can’t. I fear that Prudence will have to remain in her current unfinished state until October, when I am in more of a wooly mood.  This may change at any moment, though, so I hope she waits for me.



A word about this little baby cardi: It’s the Autumn Leaves Cardigan from Ravelry and I’m knitting it in Peaches & Creme natural, undyed cotton.  It will have wide, short sleeves and a wide, swingy body.  Today, my plan is to purchase buttons for it and fabric for the Jane Austen, and then they will both be done and out of my system. 



Maybe then I will return to you, Prudence…


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