More universally appealing list of things I want…

I realize that the first version of this post was somewhat boring (a coffee table? People don’t want to see coffee tables!) so I’m making a second installment that will focus more on things I want and less on things I really need. 

Windchimes.  That look like pinecones.  AND cost less than $10.  Yes please.


Happy Vegetable Bags.  Want.

Please don’t tell me I wouldn’t wear this.  I’m talking to you, David.


I want this basket because it looks French.  Please don’t judge me.


To quote the description: “…glowing LED awesomeness”  Wanty want want.


These are all things that make me wander away from a shopping party, only to  recall that other pesky list of things I actually need (food, rent money, a new coffee table).  Then I do just what Maria from The Sound of Music would do, I cry a little, then I wait for the sun to come out.  Then I run away to Switzerland.


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