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Summary: I remain gas-less and I’m a lazy knitter.

I know, I know, it’s been a week. In my defense, we were moving and I am proud to report that we are completely 100% out of the fancy loft and into the beautiful new duplex, which we love. Do you know what is not in the new duplex, though? Gas. Gas is not in the duplex. The gas man came last Thursday, after making us wait through 4 days of freezing cold unheated misery, and told me he could not turn on the gas because the meters are located in our neighbor’s basement and he wasn’t home to let us in. He also red-tagged the furnace and the hot water heater and kindly informed me that he wouldn’t charge me for coming out. WELL THANKS SO MUCH, GASMAN.

Maxwell had the right idea--It was SO COLD!

Maxwell had the right idea--It was SO COLD!

Now that it’s warmer out, I have regained my will to live, but it was touch and go for a minute or two there. The only real inconvenience that comes with having no gas in the summer time is the hot water issue. We’ve been showering at our friends’ house four doors down and we can’t really run the dishwasher. This is about as close to camping as I have gotten in four years. 

So I was under way too much mental duress last week to be able to formulate a decent blog entry.

I also have not been cooking, so nothing there, really. We’ve been mostly eating cereal or spaghetti and jar-sauce (my mom probably just dry heaved at the mere MENTION of the words jar- sauce. Sorry Mom).

Knitting-wise, I scrapped the frowzy teal lacey scarf in favor of a cowl, since I found out my mom did not actually lose the ugly brown scarf in the first place. I used the Sunday Market Wrap pattern and just seamed it closed in a loop. It is the most fun pattern I’ve ever knit in my entire life. You just use worsted weight yarn and big needles (I used 10.5) and knit regular stockinette stitch until you run out (for the cowl, I used 170 yds.), and then you drop every third stitch before you bind off. With a little coersion, those dropped stitches make runs that look like little ladders between columns of stitches. I knitted it up in one night and seamed it the next. Highly recommended pattern.

I am also working on a Moose Lace wrap for a friend who is getting married this weekend (I know, I have to hurry). I’m using that same teal mohairy merino wool that I talked about before and striping it with a self-striping yarn every six rows. Moose Lace is a tricky way of saying that I’m knitting lace-weight yarn on size 15 needles, so it is an extremely fast project. I expect to finish out my yarns tonight and hope it’s long enough to be a nice wrap for the bride. If not, I got her a few other small gifts as well, so I wouldn’t feel all that guilty if I end up buying more yarn and keeping it for myself. I really hope to have pictures of these projects at some point, but I keep forgetting my phone at home—maybe tomorrow I’ll just add pictures to this post and act like they were here all along…


Fantastic Four

Last night, David and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.  In honor of this Event, we neither packed nor moved boxes from one house to another.  Instead, we went out to eat at the Black Tulip in Midway, KY. 


The Black Tulip was okay.  The menu only had red meat and fish and, since we don’t really do the red meat thing so much (although I will make an occasional exception for lamb chops–mmm), we both got fish, which was was pretty seriously overcooked.  However, there was one thing at this particular restaurant that I would go back for.



David felt a wedding ring should be included in the shot for the occasion.

David felt a wedding ring should be included in the shot for the occasion.


Beignets. The key to happiness.  I have spoken with my boss today to see if they can start paying me in beignets instead of dollars.


On the way home from dinner, we decided that we would go home to watch a movie.  We stopped for some wine on the way and bought two bottles of Our Daily Red (our favorite red wine ever), but I felt that something more celebratory was in order and insisted on the $5 bottle of Asti Spumanti sparkling wine.  We got home and discovered that we have already packed and moved all four of our corkscrews to the new house, so it was very lucky indeed that I insisted on the wine with the plastic pop-top.  Then we settled in to watch our movie, but that proved to be equally difficult due to the gaping hole under the tv where the dvd player should have been.  Already packed as well.  *sigh* So we ended up sharing our bubbly and watching The Office and 30 Rock instead.  It was lovely anyway. 


Also of note were our homemade gifts to each other (due to The Move/Poverty).  David made me my other favorite dessert—lemon bars from a box mix. 




I made David a card out of office supplies (inside out envelope, paperclips, cardstock and post-it notes).



So happy anniversary, David.  I love you more than ever, overcooked fish, cheap wine, antennae TV and all. 

There’s an App for That…

Shortly after one o’clock this morning, I was roused from my REM cycle to hear David wail, “No, Maxwell, don’t pee!”  Needless to say, it was too late.  You know how people will sometimes have a dream where they are using the bathroom on one of those fancy Japanese toilets, only to wake up to find that they are actually peeing on, say, a laundry hamper or a dining room chair (this has never happened to me, but I’ve heard of such things happening to others…)?  Well, I think that’s what happened to Maxwell last night.  So, anyway, I cleaned up the mess while David took the dog outside (just in case).  After that, I could not for the life of me get back to sleep.  First, I was fixating on the smell of the carpet cleaner, which was making me feel sick to my stomach, then I worried about The Move, then I worried about work that doesn’t need to be done until next Monday.  Then it was 2:45am, so I decided to play my new favorite game on my iPhone (scramble) and then it was 3:15 and I was browsing the App store for “sleep”.  Such is my level of iPhone dependence, folks.  I was unable to sleep on my own, so I downloaded an application to help me.  And the scary thing was that there were dozens of sleep aid apps available.  Even scarier is that the one I downloaded (white noise with binaural beats or something) actually got me to sleep finally. 


In other news, I finished my sister’s cardigan, but it still needs to be blocked and have some buttons sewn on, so no sense in showing pics now, but know that the knitting part is done and I am supremely satisfied with myself for finally completing a garment for an adult. 


Don’t worry, though, I’ve already got something else on the needles.  I’m knitting something for my mom, whose birthday is coming up.  About six years ago, I knitted her a hideously ugly swampy looking garter stitch brown boucle scarf on size 13 needles (I had just learned to knit and I was really in to giant needles at the time..).  She really (inexplicably) loved this particular scarf.  She now talks about it as if it were the best scarf ever conceived. She lost it a couple of years ago, so I’ve been meaning to make her a new scarf.  The problem is that I really hate knitting scarves.  As all knitters probably know, they can be boring and repetitive and so freaking long.  Ugh.  Well, I’m finally biting the bullet and making one from a teal mohair-ish merino yarn that I recently bought.  I really like how it’s coming out, but this yarn is kind of a pain.  The lady at the yarn shop assured me that I could do it and, while I’m grateful for her confidence in my patience/knitting abilities, the hairiness of this yarn is making me a little crazy.  Ah well, now I’m committed, so what can you do?  Here’s the start.  If you find the huge mistake I’ve made, please ignore it. 



I have 3 more balls of mohairy yarn in my ever-growing stash and I’m thinking about using it to make a doggie sweater for our late-night tinkler, Maxwell.  It will not be the most masculine sweater ever, but we are all about breaking gender stereotypes around my house, so I’m okay with that. 

Easter Weekend: In Backwards Chronological Order

Well, TGIF, am I right, Internet??  Seriously, this week has been so cra–….wait, what?  It’s still Monday, you say?  Oh.  My bad.


Friends, last weekend was insane!  Our new landlord was like “if you want to move in on Sunday, I’ll give you the key” and we were like “will that be free?” and he was like “Yup” and we were like “we love you, let’s hug” and he was like “…” So we started moving on Sunday.  And by “started moving” I mean that we brought one box—and it happened to be filled with wine and partook from mason jars on our lovely new stoop with our lovely new neighbors.  Also, David hung curtains. 


We had already planned to have a couple people over for Easter Dinner on Sunday, so we did that first and my oh my was it ever delicious.  Any meal that is not served in a bowl (ie includes side dishes) is a rarity at our house, since we are mostly curry, soup and pasta people, so this seemed really decadent to me.  We had a turkey breast (cooked in the crock pot, since that’s what mom said to do and it was AWESOME), bacon wrapped asparagus (which turned out just fine despite a mild freak out/call mom incident–will post ridiculously self-explanatory recipe later), mashed potatoes and mac and cheese.  Everything was yum.  And I made a stylish centerpiece. 






So we stuffed ourselves to oblivion and then, in our infinite wisdom, started the move, which was why we accomplished so very little. 


Saturday (step into my silver DeLorean, because we are going backwards through time instead of forward), David and I went to Target to pick up apartment necessities such as a mirror, a lampshade, a shower curtain, and dog food.  THEN, we went to a local bar, where I was grossly over-served and stayed out WAY later than I normally would (because, as I continue to remind all of my grad student friends, I have a job which requires me to wake up INSANELY EARLY EVERY FREAKING DAY and, no, you cannot just turn that off when you want to cut loose and stay out past midnight, SINCE WORKING RUINS YOUR LIFE), but with enough Strongbow, you can do almost anything, including staying out until last call. 


So a crazy weekend that led into what I believe will be an equally crazy week of actual moving.  Oh joy.

Knitting, Cooking, and the Rhino Virus.

Hello there!  As was so kindly pointed out by my sister, I have not blogged in over a week and the Internet demands an update! Well, it just so happens that I have some things to say.

Firstly, if you’ve been following the short life of this blog, you will already know that I’m moving soon!  Although I love to move, I still have a few tattered vestiges of sanity knocking around in my head, so I, like everyone else, hate to pack.  So we’ve been plugging away at packing and, although there is a large pile of crap neatly stacked and well marked boxes in the middle of the apartment, we have not done any of the hard stuff yet (ie clothing and kitchen), so we’ve got a long way to go. 

ALSO, I visited the little yarn shop near the office again and picked up 4 skeins of emerald green and very wooly yarn to make a shalom cardigan for my sister.  It’s 75% done, as I am just finishing my 3rd ball o’ yarn, so that’s coming along nicely.  What’s that?  You want a picture?  Of course you do.


I have to say that it’s coming out a bit hairy, but hopefully a good rinse and block will calm things down a bit.  It has been floating around my purse for the past month, so it’s been through some abuse. 

On the cooking front, I haven’t really done anything besides make all the old standby meals (fajitas, pasta, chili, curry) over and over again, so not very blogworthy there.  Although I did make a green chicken curry that was pretty darn good, ifIdosaysomyself.  The only change I’d make next time is to not put the limes in the curry itself because I think it made it just a tad bitter.  Next time I’ll just squeeze in the juice.  Maybe also next time, I won’t throw the limes into the oven, causing one to land on the element in the bottom, which David had to bat with a wooden spoon until it fell through the crack of the oven door.  Oops. 

Also contributing to the bloglessness is this darn cold.  Ellie was sick and I basically made out with her the entire time I was in Ohio two weeks ago (you would, too because NO ONE can resist those cheeks!), so now I’m sick.  Go figure.  Ah well, I’m on the upswing now (I’ve been saying that for three days) and I ran out of cough syrup and vicks saturated tissues yesterday, so now I have to get better. 

So there you go sisterfriend.  A blog post.


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