Easter Weekend: In Backwards Chronological Order

Well, TGIF, am I right, Internet??  Seriously, this week has been so cra–….wait, what?  It’s still Monday, you say?  Oh.  My bad.


Friends, last weekend was insane!  Our new landlord was like “if you want to move in on Sunday, I’ll give you the key” and we were like “will that be free?” and he was like “Yup” and we were like “we love you, let’s hug” and he was like “…” So we started moving on Sunday.  And by “started moving” I mean that we brought one box—and it happened to be filled with wine and partook from mason jars on our lovely new stoop with our lovely new neighbors.  Also, David hung curtains. 


We had already planned to have a couple people over for Easter Dinner on Sunday, so we did that first and my oh my was it ever delicious.  Any meal that is not served in a bowl (ie includes side dishes) is a rarity at our house, since we are mostly curry, soup and pasta people, so this seemed really decadent to me.  We had a turkey breast (cooked in the crock pot, since that’s what mom said to do and it was AWESOME), bacon wrapped asparagus (which turned out just fine despite a mild freak out/call mom incident–will post ridiculously self-explanatory recipe later), mashed potatoes and mac and cheese.  Everything was yum.  And I made a stylish centerpiece. 






So we stuffed ourselves to oblivion and then, in our infinite wisdom, started the move, which was why we accomplished so very little. 


Saturday (step into my silver DeLorean, because we are going backwards through time instead of forward), David and I went to Target to pick up apartment necessities such as a mirror, a lampshade, a shower curtain, and dog food.  THEN, we went to a local bar, where I was grossly over-served and stayed out WAY later than I normally would (because, as I continue to remind all of my grad student friends, I have a job which requires me to wake up INSANELY EARLY EVERY FREAKING DAY and, no, you cannot just turn that off when you want to cut loose and stay out past midnight, SINCE WORKING RUINS YOUR LIFE), but with enough Strongbow, you can do almost anything, including staying out until last call. 


So a crazy weekend that led into what I believe will be an equally crazy week of actual moving.  Oh joy.


1 Response to “Easter Weekend: In Backwards Chronological Order”

  1. 1 Andrea April 16, 2009 at 8:30 am

    Mmmm, strongbow….
    I hate moving. Last month I moved all of my stuff by myself just because if I had asked a friend for help I would be obligated to help them with their future moves and I didn’t want that hanging over my head.

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