There’s an App for That…

Shortly after one o’clock this morning, I was roused from my REM cycle to hear David wail, “No, Maxwell, don’t pee!”  Needless to say, it was too late.  You know how people will sometimes have a dream where they are using the bathroom on one of those fancy Japanese toilets, only to wake up to find that they are actually peeing on, say, a laundry hamper or a dining room chair (this has never happened to me, but I’ve heard of such things happening to others…)?  Well, I think that’s what happened to Maxwell last night.  So, anyway, I cleaned up the mess while David took the dog outside (just in case).  After that, I could not for the life of me get back to sleep.  First, I was fixating on the smell of the carpet cleaner, which was making me feel sick to my stomach, then I worried about The Move, then I worried about work that doesn’t need to be done until next Monday.  Then it was 2:45am, so I decided to play my new favorite game on my iPhone (scramble) and then it was 3:15 and I was browsing the App store for “sleep”.  Such is my level of iPhone dependence, folks.  I was unable to sleep on my own, so I downloaded an application to help me.  And the scary thing was that there were dozens of sleep aid apps available.  Even scarier is that the one I downloaded (white noise with binaural beats or something) actually got me to sleep finally. 


In other news, I finished my sister’s cardigan, but it still needs to be blocked and have some buttons sewn on, so no sense in showing pics now, but know that the knitting part is done and I am supremely satisfied with myself for finally completing a garment for an adult. 


Don’t worry, though, I’ve already got something else on the needles.  I’m knitting something for my mom, whose birthday is coming up.  About six years ago, I knitted her a hideously ugly swampy looking garter stitch brown boucle scarf on size 13 needles (I had just learned to knit and I was really in to giant needles at the time..).  She really (inexplicably) loved this particular scarf.  She now talks about it as if it were the best scarf ever conceived. She lost it a couple of years ago, so I’ve been meaning to make her a new scarf.  The problem is that I really hate knitting scarves.  As all knitters probably know, they can be boring and repetitive and so freaking long.  Ugh.  Well, I’m finally biting the bullet and making one from a teal mohair-ish merino yarn that I recently bought.  I really like how it’s coming out, but this yarn is kind of a pain.  The lady at the yarn shop assured me that I could do it and, while I’m grateful for her confidence in my patience/knitting abilities, the hairiness of this yarn is making me a little crazy.  Ah well, now I’m committed, so what can you do?  Here’s the start.  If you find the huge mistake I’ve made, please ignore it. 



I have 3 more balls of mohairy yarn in my ever-growing stash and I’m thinking about using it to make a doggie sweater for our late-night tinkler, Maxwell.  It will not be the most masculine sweater ever, but we are all about breaking gender stereotypes around my house, so I’m okay with that. 


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