Fantastic Four

Last night, David and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.  In honor of this Event, we neither packed nor moved boxes from one house to another.  Instead, we went out to eat at the Black Tulip in Midway, KY. 


The Black Tulip was okay.  The menu only had red meat and fish and, since we don’t really do the red meat thing so much (although I will make an occasional exception for lamb chops–mmm), we both got fish, which was was pretty seriously overcooked.  However, there was one thing at this particular restaurant that I would go back for.



David felt a wedding ring should be included in the shot for the occasion.

David felt a wedding ring should be included in the shot for the occasion.


Beignets. The key to happiness.  I have spoken with my boss today to see if they can start paying me in beignets instead of dollars.


On the way home from dinner, we decided that we would go home to watch a movie.  We stopped for some wine on the way and bought two bottles of Our Daily Red (our favorite red wine ever), but I felt that something more celebratory was in order and insisted on the $5 bottle of Asti Spumanti sparkling wine.  We got home and discovered that we have already packed and moved all four of our corkscrews to the new house, so it was very lucky indeed that I insisted on the wine with the plastic pop-top.  Then we settled in to watch our movie, but that proved to be equally difficult due to the gaping hole under the tv where the dvd player should have been.  Already packed as well.  *sigh* So we ended up sharing our bubbly and watching The Office and 30 Rock instead.  It was lovely anyway. 


Also of note were our homemade gifts to each other (due to The Move/Poverty).  David made me my other favorite dessert—lemon bars from a box mix. 




I made David a card out of office supplies (inside out envelope, paperclips, cardstock and post-it notes).



So happy anniversary, David.  I love you more than ever, overcooked fish, cheap wine, antennae TV and all. 


3 Responses to “Fantastic Four”

  1. 2 Carrie April 17, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    Do you know how many times I remembered to call you for your anniversary and then promptly forgot?? Seriously, like 8 times. Next time I’ll drop whatever it is I’m doing and make the call RIGHT AWAY.

    Glad you did something fun despite the move 🙂

  2. 3 Antique Wedding Bands January 8, 2010 at 5:18 am

    really Enjoy Reading This Post, Thanks

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