Summary: I remain gas-less and I’m a lazy knitter.

I know, I know, it’s been a week. In my defense, we were moving and I am proud to report that we are completely 100% out of the fancy loft and into the beautiful new duplex, which we love. Do you know what is not in the new duplex, though? Gas. Gas is not in the duplex. The gas man came last Thursday, after making us wait through 4 days of freezing cold unheated misery, and told me he could not turn on the gas because the meters are located in our neighbor’s basement and he wasn’t home to let us in. He also red-tagged the furnace and the hot water heater and kindly informed me that he wouldn’t charge me for coming out. WELL THANKS SO MUCH, GASMAN.

Maxwell had the right idea--It was SO COLD!

Maxwell had the right idea--It was SO COLD!

Now that it’s warmer out, I have regained my will to live, but it was touch and go for a minute or two there. The only real inconvenience that comes with having no gas in the summer time is the hot water issue. We’ve been showering at our friends’ house four doors down and we can’t really run the dishwasher. This is about as close to camping as I have gotten in four years. 

So I was under way too much mental duress last week to be able to formulate a decent blog entry.

I also have not been cooking, so nothing there, really. We’ve been mostly eating cereal or spaghetti and jar-sauce (my mom probably just dry heaved at the mere MENTION of the words jar- sauce. Sorry Mom).

Knitting-wise, I scrapped the frowzy teal lacey scarf in favor of a cowl, since I found out my mom did not actually lose the ugly brown scarf in the first place. I used the Sunday Market Wrap pattern and just seamed it closed in a loop. It is the most fun pattern I’ve ever knit in my entire life. You just use worsted weight yarn and big needles (I used 10.5) and knit regular stockinette stitch until you run out (for the cowl, I used 170 yds.), and then you drop every third stitch before you bind off. With a little coersion, those dropped stitches make runs that look like little ladders between columns of stitches. I knitted it up in one night and seamed it the next. Highly recommended pattern.

I am also working on a Moose Lace wrap for a friend who is getting married this weekend (I know, I have to hurry). I’m using that same teal mohairy merino wool that I talked about before and striping it with a self-striping yarn every six rows. Moose Lace is a tricky way of saying that I’m knitting lace-weight yarn on size 15 needles, so it is an extremely fast project. I expect to finish out my yarns tonight and hope it’s long enough to be a nice wrap for the bride. If not, I got her a few other small gifts as well, so I wouldn’t feel all that guilty if I end up buying more yarn and keeping it for myself. I really hope to have pictures of these projects at some point, but I keep forgetting my phone at home—maybe tomorrow I’ll just add pictures to this post and act like they were here all along…


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