One Finished Project AND Things I want III: Etsy Edition

I finished this!

and gave it to my coworker for her wedding.  Blurry picture, I know, but hey, it was finished AND BLOCKED on time!  Be impressed with my time management skills, everyone.

I’ve been spending some time on Etsy lately and have compiled another list of needs/wants that I would give to others if I had any money at all, because I am sometimes philanthropic.  Isn’t it awesome that this comes out directly AFTER Mother’s Day, when all other gift guides came out like two weeks ago?  I thought so, too.  My mom would tell you that sounds about right for me, since she probably received her card today and has yet to get the tomato plants I sent her for the garden.  Now that my sister has a baby, she and mom can share in the head shaking and eye rolling when I call on Mother’s Day to tell them about the gifts that will eventually be delivered to their doorstep.  I guess I could say I’m philanthropic, but in a late sort of way. 

Anyway, On to the MERCHANDISE!!

To start this list, this particular item is one I’ve been wanting to get for my niece for a long time.  This one is a no sew diy pattern and has just the right amount of fluffiness–meaning a whole freaking lot of fluffiness.  It is the only way.  And to those of you who feel that this boxes the baby into a gender stereotype, I would argue that ALL babies should wear tutu’s, regardless of gender.  ALL BABIES.  Because, look:

Secondly,  There needs to be more comfy long skirtage in the lives of me and my close girlfriends.  Elastic waistbands ensure shareability between a wide spectrum of sizes, so nobody ever has to have that moment of realizing that it’s just not gonna make it past the hips, not that I know what that feels like…ahem.

Over the weekend, David had a brief flicker of an urge to have an old fashioned clock.  While I’m sure that particular want is now hanging out with other outdated desires in some cobwebby area of his consciousness (with the fleeting Merrell obsession of 2005, no doubt), I found these and thought of him.  So charming:

And, well, maybe this one would be for me.  I may or may not have an unhealthy level of fascination with under sea weirdness and have often watched the oceanic discovery channel specials with open-mouthed wonder.  Thanks to these deep sea freakshows, I REALLY feel for the octopus, with her big giant brain, but not enough time to use it to take over the world because she’s mercilessly quartered (or eighthed?) by evil, spinning barracudas.  Also I’m unable to avoid panic attacks while snorkeling and have actually vomited into the ocean out of utter terror.  I guess that’s where it tips into unhealthy-land, no?

Barracudas would not mess with this octopus, though.  She is not to be trifled with. 

And, finally, because David and the neighbor have been splitting wood lately for the winter months that seem so far away, this:


So there you have it.  Things I want.  To give.


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