Hot Pink Surprise

Spring is going by way too quickly.  Our little yard is covered in honeysuckle bushes everywhere and smells syrupy sweet, but to be honest, I don’t really like the way honeysuckle bushes look–even when they are flowering.  A bit too scrappy for me.  Last week, things improved considerably when a smattering of hot pink roses opened up right in the middle of the large honeysuckle. A couple days later, the beauties were taking over the entire bush and are so incredibly and brazenly PINK, it just doesn’t seem natural.  All this time, I thought that color was invented by the ’80’s, but really, it had been there all along.  I cut some and put them in a vase on the table and everyone who came through the house commented on their loveliness.  I’m going to cut new ones today. 

 And, yes, the re-introduction of pictures in this blog does, in fact mean that my phone magically came back to life after 3 days of submersion in a bowl of dry rice (thanks MIL!) I will now call it iLazarus.


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