Last night, I played Scrabble with my neighbor, Matt, and won, due to a lucky 7 letter Scrabble word, “rations”, which also made the word “darts” and which also covered the coveted “triple word score”.  After you play Scrabble, do you go through the play-by-play and figure out exactly which word clinched the victory?  I do.  In Matt’s defense, I did put down the word “retuft”, which, if my spell checker is correct, is not actually a word.  But there was no challenge due to my Balderdash definition, so the win stands. 

Here’s the final board.  In addition to identifying the winning word, I like to take a moment at the end of the game to admire the way the words covered the board and to congratulate the players on making such good use of it.

For dinner last night I purchased a baguette, a few lumpy heirloom tomatoes and some mozzarella cheese and made myself a caprese sandwich with my “garden” basil and a little balsamic vinaigrette.  David didn’t make it home for dinner, so I ended up eating the whole thing. I felt quite disgusted with myself, but all that bread made me a very happy girl. 

On an unrelated note, I have been thinking a lot about how much my new bike reminds me of that scene in The Sound of Music where they are singing the do re mi song and riding bikes down a lovely Austrian street.  That Brigitta really sings the ti note with a lot of passion. Good for her.  


This morning, Maxwell was moving a bit slowly.  In his defense, being awake for 2 hours every single day can be exhausting.  Very stressful, indeed.



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