And another thing…

After I finished those other green fingerless gloves, I had maybe 65 yards of the light green malabrigo left over.  I really wanted to make a slouchy hat with it to match the mitts, but knew in my heart that 60 yards was not enough to do this.  That didn’t stop me from trying, though!  First, I tried an eyelet cable pattern (note: cables are not a good way to conserve yarn), which was a sad failure, so I ripped it out.  Next, I tried lace, since a fabric with a bunch of holes in it, while not a very warm hat, doesn’t use a whole lot of yarn.  Unfortunately, I forgot that I really suck at knitting lace because I obviously can’t count.  So that got frogged.  Then, I tried just plain old stockinette stitch, and this was when I realized that I just didn’t have enough yarn for a hat. And that made me very sad.

But then, last night, I was digging through my yarn scraps and found some olive green Malabrigo left over from David’s hat and inspiration hit me.  Stripes!  Even though olive and sage are not the most obvious as far as color combinations go, I went for it.  I think I was just determined to get this hat knit.  So, on the 4th try, I knitted a striped, slouchy hat from start to finish last night.  And here it is:


Isn’t it cute?  I’m going to have a hard time giving it away, I think.  But give it away I must, because I committed to a handmade Christmas and I am nothing if not cheap dedicated to the cause of handmade proliferation. 

Other news:

Last night, I watched “Knowing”, which reinforced my aversion to all movies that are about the apocalypse.  They scare the bejeebers out of me and I hate them.  This explains some really tightly knitted areas on the above hat, which probably took place while people were screaming because their faces were on fire.  Also, Nicholas Cage, I love you because you seem really nice, but sometimes, your voice is a little zombie-ish.

Tomorrow night is a very important one for those of us who follow So You Think You Can Dance as they will be bringing back past dancers to do the best dances ever (park bench, door dance, bed dance, hummingbird dance, the list goes on…)! Raven and I watch SYTYCD together every Wednesday night, but usually I skip out on the results show and hear about it from her later.  Not this time, though! 

Today, I will start another pair of fingerless mitts, this time for a boy and with a convertible top.


2 Responses to “And another thing…”

  1. 1 Rosann July 22, 2009 at 10:42 pm

    First of all Jillian…Do you read your comments???
    The hats that you knitted are just lovely. I love them.
    I like Mr. Dangly.

  2. 2 hasenfefferinc July 23, 2009 at 9:55 am

    I read every single comment, and respond to a lot of them, but you can’t see the response unless you click the checkbox that will alert you via email.

    I really like the hats too! You don’t think the recipients will notice if they’re a little…worn when they get them, do you? 🙂

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