My beautiful niece is a year old!  Surely there is some mistake here, because I feel like we were visiting her in her little incubator in the hospital just last week!  But, no–upon consulting my Ellie calendar beside my desk, I see it is true, she really is a year old. 

(If you have issues with gushing, feel free to go ahead and skip to the knitting pics as this next paragraph is going to be a bit tedious for you)I can’t believe how much she’s grown since we first saw her in the NICU at Children’s Hospital.  She was born a couple months early (I can’t help feeling a little guilty about this, since I was soooo impatient for her arrival) so she spent several weeks in the hospital before she could go home.  Since then, she has become the blue-eyed-curly-haired axis, around which our whole family revolves.  We can’t help ourselves!  And she may or may not have learned her first word and it may have been either Cat or Bubble, but these reports come from my mom, who (bless her heart) probably hears the Gettysburg Address and all 50 states (with capitals) in every sweet, drooly babble that comes out of that sweet mouth, so we shall see about that.

So bust out the crepe paper, pointy hats  and Tickle Me Elmo because there is to be a Rockin 1st Birthday Partay this weekend!  I made the cake last night and it is busy becoming resilient in the freezer until its big debut.  Of course, there is also a single cupcake for the birthday girl (because this feels “more contained” to my sticky-phobic family members–ask me sometime about why I grew up thinking popsicles could only be eaten during bathtime).   Besides the cake, which I admittedly asked if I could make, I was requested to complete a little short sleeved sweater, which I did, because I can’t say no.  Here it is:


And look at this little pleat in the back–so cute!!

Pattern: Spring Butterfly
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease (because it has to be machine washable)
Mods: No ruffles, just modern, clean bands of garter stitch at the arm holes and the bottom.
Mistakes: Many. i don’t want to talk about it right now.

Now, I know you might be thinking, “gosh, that is an awfully strong A-line there–it’s going to fit like a dress!” But you would understand why so much flare is necessary if you could see this child’s 4 square ball belly. You cannot resist blowing raspberries on this belly. It is like a blank canvas for raspberry blowing.

Here’s what else she’ll be getting from me and her Unkadunk:

Crayons, because she’s an artist

A hot pink dress, because I have no self control:

Remember Ollie? He’s been waiting quietly on the mantle to be introduced to his new mommy:

Okay, so that’s what Ellie’s getting, but I also have two more things to show you! (posting less frequently makes me seem much more productive, does it not?)

First, my mom took in a stray cat (which is very unlike her) and named it Chloe. Over the weekend, I saw that our Co-op sells catnip in the bulk spices section (which, by the way, is the absolute cheapest way to buy spices, if you can remember to save the jars), so I decided to knit Chloe a little mousey toy and stuff it with catnip. Well, it only took an hour or so to knit it up, so I decided to make another for my sister’s evil cat Dante, this time in bulkier yarn.  I will now point out the obvious and say that using thicker yarn results in a larger mouse. This particular yarn created Mouse-zilla. I could not insult Dante with this beast, so I made another one in sparkley pink, which ended up looking a lot like a pig with some unfortunate facial hair. I will let the cats choose for themselves.

Also, over the weekend, I got a little tired of knitting (don’t worry, I’m better now) for just long enough to take up a new hobby: Scherenschnitte. Behold:


2 Responses to “ONE!”

  1. 1 Ellie's momma August 31, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    Your cake was SCRUMPTIOUS!! I was also psyched to go in my fridge only to find a mountain of purple icing that you accidentally left behind! You should also know that Dante has played with that cute little mouse you made him so much that the yarn is now all fuzzy and it looks like it has a mousie afro. What higher form of praise is there than that?

  2. 2 Anna September 3, 2009 at 8:04 am

    I’m so glad all of my artistic talent flowed into your body. hahahahahaha, that cracked me up! Seriously, where did you get that from????????

    I love all the stuff you make. I did not however receive my swiffer cover so I will be holding my special spaghetti sauce as hostage until said swiffer cover is delivered.

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