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I take it back–he’s not getting cuter.

I love my dog, really, but he can just be so very disappointing sometimes.

Case in point: Yesterday, while I was happily blogging about how cute he is, Maxwell was busy escaping from the $90, brand spanking new crate we got for him and tearing up the guest room. People! He pulled the steel door backwards into the crate somehow. This freaks me out because last time I checked, MAXWELL DOES NOT HAVE HANDS. So probably just as I was uploading pics of my brand new and very first knitted shawl, he was peeing on it. Then he went on to throw up, eat a piece of chocolate that he found god knows where, and pull my makeup bag off the table and onto the bed so that he could more easily rifle through it. Ugh.

Anyway, I have recently become obsessed with knitting a cardigan that zips up. It seems to me that shoddily-sewn-on buttons are choking hazards for babies, and since shoddily is the only way I know how to sew, I have to eliminate buttons as much as possible for the next few years on ellie clothes. Enter alternate fasteners: hook and eye-don’t like them, snaps: also need to be sewn on (see above), zippers…..awesome. So I’m sewing a zipper onto a cardi that I knitted up over the weekend and it’s super cute because it’s purple. Look!

Ignore the poor picture quality, I’m at work and can’t really mess with lighting and sunshine. I’ll worry about that when it’s finished.

For now, focus on the cuteness of the halfway-sewn-in zipper!


Three’s a Crowd

I have had some extremely successful knitting projects come off the needles lately, including, I know you’ll be shocked to hear: my very first, 100% mistake free finished object. It must be hard for you to believe that every other project I’ve posted about has flaws because I’m sure they look perfect here. Let me tell you a secret which is no longer a secret because it’s on the Internet: knitting is a forgiving craft in which mistakes are not immediately obvious, and also I purposely take pictures to make things look better than they are. Messy seam? Just put that in the back. One glove/sock is a bit smaller than the other? Some gentle blocking will fix that up later–let’s just put it closer to the camera for now (perspective is a funny thing). Whole project is a hot mess? let’s just photograph it from far away. No one will eeeever notice.

Anyway, let me show you my last three finished objects and see if you can guess which one is perfect and which are janky:

1. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (I am so clever with this name)

  • Pattern: Darling Darby Sweater
  • Yarn: Patons Classic Wool
  • Colorway: Harvest

btw–is Maxwell getting cuter or is it just me?

2.  My First Shawl (admittedly a less clever name)

  • Pattern: Peasant Shawl
  • Yarn: Auracania  Ararcaunia Araucania Ranco Multy (really, this took me three tries before I broke down and looked it up)
  • Colorway: 319

This is the pic while it was blocking last night–I’ll put up a nice finished one at some point in the future.

And finally…

3. Applewood Meret – This one is all about the yarn.  I’ve been loving this particular color of Malabrigo for, oh about a year (why I didn’t buy it before is a mystery–it’s only $10) and finally bought it because it was discontinued and this was the last hank.  I loooove the color–it’s like flesh, but in a good way.

  • Pattern: Meret (Mystery Beret)
  • Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted
  • Colorway: Applewood


Can you guess which is perfect?

The Trouble with English

So, my blog posts have been limited to once per week, in case you haven’t noticed, because I have a second job teaching English as a Second Language in a small town near Lexington. This means that three days a week, I leave the house at 7:30am and don’t get home till almost 9pm. It’s funny because I have never in my life been the type to work too much–actually, I have always seen myself as sort of a slacker–so this is a bit out of character for me. Why am I doing this?

Although we are poor now that David is in grad school, we are not in desperate need of extra income. In fact, I feel like we are doing better with money than we ever were when we were both making money. It just so happens that during a recession, the job of a social worker gets a little crazy. I have less time with clients and a lot more paparwork to do, which is not why I got into this field in the first place, so I’m becoming what I never thought I would become: burnt out and slightly jaded. I’m realizing that I need to get out of this field, but now is not the best time to be job searching, so I figured I would get some professional fulfillment from this new job. Think of it like my day job is my steady boyfriend that wears a sweater vest and drives a volvo, perfectly nice and makes me feel secure, but is not really giving me that lovin feeling, if you know what I mean, while ESL is like the leather wearing harley riding thrill seeker who you know you can’t depend on for any consistency, but it’s a fun little fling on the side*. Well, you can’t leave Mr. Dependable for Mr. Fun-on-the-side, because you can’t really expect to build a life with him, you know? I mean it’s all beer and skittles until he wants to move to Tibet and become a monk or whatever and you’re all like “uh-uh” and he’s like “you have no spirit” and you’re like “get a freaking job and grow up” and then he’s gone and all of a sudden Mr. Dependable seems like Mr. Right, but it’s too late now.

Wait, what was I talking about?…Ah yes:

So I like teaching better than the day job, but I now realize I am overextended, but I don’t want to give up this other job because it’s the fun one, you know? Anyway, enough rambling–these things will figure themselves out, I think.

What I really wanted to say in this post is that, although I am basically the Goddess of American English in comparison to my (mostly Spanish speaking) students, they have been bringing up some really tough questions that I am having some trouble answering. Questions like:

What is the difference between beauty and beautiful?
When are you supposed to say at vs. in? (I am at the grocery store/I am in the grocery store)
Someone called my daughter silly–do they think she’s crazy?

There have been many more, and now I just apologize for the language as a whole whenever something like that comes up because it’s the only good answer I can give.

*Obviously, I do not advocate cheating, this is a purely hypothetical situation and any similarities between these two fake characters and someone you or I know or think we might know is totally unintended and coincidental.

Surprise, Autumn is here!

First off, old business–here are the tiny fingerless mitts I made for my niece:

Fall in in full force here in Kentucky and it is a beauty. Most years, I get so excited about fall that I delude myself into thinking it has started around the middle of august. I sweat through the still 80 degree weather in my cardigans and socks while everyone else is enjoying the last weeks of flip flop weather. Not me.

This year was different, though. I was not ready for fall. One day I set the car at 73 degrees and a/c came out, then the next, I set it at the same temperature, but it was heat! Weird. Well, I’m all caught up now. There’s a fire in the fireplace (don’t tell my landlord, though ;), I have a pumpkin candle going, I bought a sweatshirt and I busted out last year’s cottage socks. Me and autumn are like peas and carrots now. Maybe more like acorns and squirrels. Either way we are tight and I’ve really enjoyed being surprised by the cooler weather and changing leaves.

Signs of fall:

Maxwell is a naturally cold dog, so he is digging the fire. Maybe he could use this:
Ha! Just kidding–I like my dogs like I like my men…with dignity.

Pumpkin candle impulse buy.

Last of the summer CSA. We are going to do the fall to winter one too, though so there will be plenty of hard winter squash over the next few months.

Yup, fall is for realsies.

One other thing you should know: this blog’s part time co-owner, Raven got a puppy!!! His name is Calvin and here is his cute self:

So, that’s what things look like around here. Not a ton of knitting, although I did make a hat last week, which will be it’s own post by itself because it’s so awesome. But that’s really about it. Hope you are enjoying the season as much as we are!


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