Surprise, Autumn is here!

First off, old business–here are the tiny fingerless mitts I made for my niece:

Fall in in full force here in Kentucky and it is a beauty. Most years, I get so excited about fall that I delude myself into thinking it has started around the middle of august. I sweat through the still 80 degree weather in my cardigans and socks while everyone else is enjoying the last weeks of flip flop weather. Not me.

This year was different, though. I was not ready for fall. One day I set the car at 73 degrees and a/c came out, then the next, I set it at the same temperature, but it was heat! Weird. Well, I’m all caught up now. There’s a fire in the fireplace (don’t tell my landlord, though ;), I have a pumpkin candle going, I bought a sweatshirt and I busted out last year’s cottage socks. Me and autumn are like peas and carrots now. Maybe more like acorns and squirrels. Either way we are tight and I’ve really enjoyed being surprised by the cooler weather and changing leaves.

Signs of fall:

Maxwell is a naturally cold dog, so he is digging the fire. Maybe he could use this:
Ha! Just kidding–I like my dogs like I like my men…with dignity.

Pumpkin candle impulse buy.

Last of the summer CSA. We are going to do the fall to winter one too, though so there will be plenty of hard winter squash over the next few months.

Yup, fall is for realsies.

One other thing you should know: this blog’s part time co-owner, Raven got a puppy!!! His name is Calvin and here is his cute self:

So, that’s what things look like around here. Not a ton of knitting, although I did make a hat last week, which will be it’s own post by itself because it’s so awesome. But that’s really about it. Hope you are enjoying the season as much as we are!


1 Response to “Surprise, Autumn is here!”

  1. 1 rosann October 10, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    Thanks for the pic of Maxwell by the fire. I always miss him and loved seeing it. He looks to happy and very content. Those little mittens are just adorable.

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