The Trouble with English

So, my blog posts have been limited to once per week, in case you haven’t noticed, because I have a second job teaching English as a Second Language in a small town near Lexington. This means that three days a week, I leave the house at 7:30am and don’t get home till almost 9pm. It’s funny because I have never in my life been the type to work too much–actually, I have always seen myself as sort of a slacker–so this is a bit out of character for me. Why am I doing this?

Although we are poor now that David is in grad school, we are not in desperate need of extra income. In fact, I feel like we are doing better with money than we ever were when we were both making money. It just so happens that during a recession, the job of a social worker gets a little crazy. I have less time with clients and a lot more paparwork to do, which is not why I got into this field in the first place, so I’m becoming what I never thought I would become: burnt out and slightly jaded. I’m realizing that I need to get out of this field, but now is not the best time to be job searching, so I figured I would get some professional fulfillment from this new job. Think of it like my day job is my steady boyfriend that wears a sweater vest and drives a volvo, perfectly nice and makes me feel secure, but is not really giving me that lovin feeling, if you know what I mean, while ESL is like the leather wearing harley riding thrill seeker who you know you can’t depend on for any consistency, but it’s a fun little fling on the side*. Well, you can’t leave Mr. Dependable for Mr. Fun-on-the-side, because you can’t really expect to build a life with him, you know? I mean it’s all beer and skittles until he wants to move to Tibet and become a monk or whatever and you’re all like “uh-uh” and he’s like “you have no spirit” and you’re like “get a freaking job and grow up” and then he’s gone and all of a sudden Mr. Dependable seems like Mr. Right, but it’s too late now.

Wait, what was I talking about?…Ah yes:

So I like teaching better than the day job, but I now realize I am overextended, but I don’t want to give up this other job because it’s the fun one, you know? Anyway, enough rambling–these things will figure themselves out, I think.

What I really wanted to say in this post is that, although I am basically the Goddess of American English in comparison to my (mostly Spanish speaking) students, they have been bringing up some really tough questions that I am having some trouble answering. Questions like:

What is the difference between beauty and beautiful?
When are you supposed to say at vs. in? (I am at the grocery store/I am in the grocery store)
Someone called my daughter silly–do they think she’s crazy?

There have been many more, and now I just apologize for the language as a whole whenever something like that comes up because it’s the only good answer I can give.

*Obviously, I do not advocate cheating, this is a purely hypothetical situation and any similarities between these two fake characters and someone you or I know or think we might know is totally unintended and coincidental.


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