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Some things I’ve been thinking about

Although I have many Matters of High Importance to attend to right now (T minus 36 hours till the big move, by the by), I have found myself unreasonably obsessed with Matters of Little to No Importance.  I like to think this is normal.  I mean, there’s really nothing I can do about the move at the moment (because I’m at work, please don’t tell.), and anyway, who wants to obsess about packing and unpacking? STRESS! and also GUILT!  So instead, I’m thinking about the following:

1. Lentils.

 I enjoy them, but have never made them.  This will have to be addressed, and soon.  I found a recipe, read its reviews and comments, and am prepared to begin, but when??  Thursday, that’s when.  I have also been taken by a lesser interest in poached eggs and may make one to gently arrange on top of my lentil stew.  Is this disgusting?  This may be disgusting.

 2.  Pride for confidently wearing skinny jeans

        I cannot stop mentally patting myself on the back for this.  I have not only purchased a pair of skinny jeans (Divas from Old Navy), but have worn them and received compliments which I feel were most likely genuine.  I thought that this would be impossible (because I, unlike my new jeans, am not skinny), but I’ve managed to do it.  Good for me.

3.  My new candle

        Everyone else in my office has good-smelling candles that they burn (I know, fire hazard, much?) in their offices to make things seem more homey around here.  I kept forgetting to bring one in, so while I was out to lunch the other day, I bought one.  The scent is eucalyptus infusion and it smells a lot like vicks vap-o-rub.  I think it’s wonderfully calming, but I am being neurotic and not lighting it because I’m worried that other people in the office will think it stinks and then say things behind my back (*gag sounds* “What is that SMELL!? It smells like my grandma’s house!!). So instead, I stick my nose in it and inhale every 7 minutes or so, which is probably more likely to cause the coworkers to talk.  Why am I so insecure about this candle?

4.  Baby stuff

        David and I are pretty sure that we’ll be trying to get pregnant later this year and I am suddenly psychotic.  I have already decided on cloth diaper brands/methods, acceptable baby sling and carrier brands, a stroller, a crib, a rocking chair, crafts/knitting projects, parenting methods, preferred toys, baby food recipes, hand-me-downs my sister might give me, and possible birth locations and preferences.  Hello, my name is Jillian and I’m going to be One of Those Parents.

5.  Upcoming 5th Wedding Anniversary

        Traditional Gift: Wood (I know).  I typically like to go with the traditional gift, so I’m thinking we could spend a long weekend in a cabin somewhere (a log cabin).  Possibly even a cabin in the woods, to really drive home the theme.  This is a departure for me, but I find myself oddly drawn to some sort of rustic vacation for this anniversary.  No tv, no computers, just….I don’t know, what’s in the woods?  Nature, I guess.  Hm. 

Please leave comments that reassure me that I’m not actually crazy.


New prints for the New House

We are slowly moving our stuff to the new house. Hopefully, by next weekend, all we’ll have left is furniture, so moving should go quickly and then we can move on to the pizza and beer portion of Moving Day. Pizza and beer are essential if you are moving. It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel for everyone. Also, it helps people to forget the blood sweat and tears associated with moving so that they will help you again the next time you move.

Speaking of moving, we bought a few prints from Etsy for the new house! You honestly cannot get a better deal anywhere else for quirky, unique artwork.  Here is my advice for searching for prints on etsy: just go with what you like.  I was an art student in college and can sometimes get so hung up on technique and meaning that I stop actually enjoying the artwork, which is a real shame.  So, last night, I just clicked “add to cart” whenever something struck my fancy, and this is what we ended up with:

It’s Dolly Parton!!  To David, Dolly is every bit as magical as unicorns, rainbows, and Gandalf combined.  This is no exaggeration.  To me, she seems like such a nice lady, so I’m happy to have her picture on the wall.  (Aside: It’s her birthday today!  Happy birthday Ms. Dolly!)

Of course, a bike.  David rides daily and I’m surprised how much The Bicycle has infiltrated our lives.  I don’t mind, though.

And finally,

This is a smallish letterpress print called Garden that I immediately liked.  On a related note, we’ve already chosen a place for a modest kitchen garden in the backyard of the new house!


So, we’re moving.  Again.

This will be our 7th move in less than 5 years.  We had really hoped that we would be able to stay in this apartment, but so many things have happened to make that impossible, so here we go again.  But, truthfully, I like moving.  I enjoy seeing all my stuff in a new place.  Rearranging furniture. Making all those little decisions that mark this new place as mine.  Where to put the silverware, which wall the bookcase will go in, whether to arrange the books by color, size or title.  I could go on…

As a kid, we moved around a lot, so I guess it’s not as jarring for me as it might be for other folks.

So, since we haven’t actually started packing yet (what? we still have two weeks!), we sit around and think about the new place.  And our furnace is broken (see what I mean about it being impossible to stay here?), so these decisions have been accompanied by lots of hot chocolate and black coffee.  I’ve also been indulging in individual helpings of whipped cream with a dash of cinnamon.  Do other people bother to make a single serving of whipped cream?  It is so totally worth it.

A few of my favorite things

Here I am! Coming out of the holidays is sort of a process for me. There’s the unpacking, the putting away of new stuff, the taking down of the Christmas tree, the house guests, the big party, the resolutions, and then there’s finally just…quiet.

So, last year, most of my resolutions revolved around crafty stuff, and I’m proud to say that all of the things on that list have either been accomplished or no longer matter to me. So, I would call that a success. This year, I only have two resolutions:
1. Start drinking my coffee black. I think this is the most impressive possible way to take your coffee and, as Raven’s husband, Donnie has pointed out to me, makes people more inclined to pour you a cup.
2. Learn to sew without cursing. I think a new machine will be vital to the success of this resolution.

Anyway, Christmas and New Year’s were lovely and, not to sound materialistic or anything, but I got some great stuff. So here are a few of my favorite things from Christmas!

The swift.  This has basically changed my life, Internet.  It has made all my loopy hanks of yarn into lovely, decorative, stackable “yarn cakes”… observe:

Glorious.  Here’s some other favorites:

A vintage martini set from our overly generous neighbor, Shannon

malabrigo sock yarn and my newest project, a hipster scarf.

A new little camera to spare you from the blurry iphone pics

Hope you are having a peaceful new year!


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