Some things I’ve been thinking about

Although I have many Matters of High Importance to attend to right now (T minus 36 hours till the big move, by the by), I have found myself unreasonably obsessed with Matters of Little to No Importance.  I like to think this is normal.  I mean, there’s really nothing I can do about the move at the moment (because I’m at work, please don’t tell.), and anyway, who wants to obsess about packing and unpacking? STRESS! and also GUILT!  So instead, I’m thinking about the following:

1. Lentils.

 I enjoy them, but have never made them.  This will have to be addressed, and soon.  I found a recipe, read its reviews and comments, and am prepared to begin, but when??  Thursday, that’s when.  I have also been taken by a lesser interest in poached eggs and may make one to gently arrange on top of my lentil stew.  Is this disgusting?  This may be disgusting.

 2.  Pride for confidently wearing skinny jeans

        I cannot stop mentally patting myself on the back for this.  I have not only purchased a pair of skinny jeans (Divas from Old Navy), but have worn them and received compliments which I feel were most likely genuine.  I thought that this would be impossible (because I, unlike my new jeans, am not skinny), but I’ve managed to do it.  Good for me.

3.  My new candle

        Everyone else in my office has good-smelling candles that they burn (I know, fire hazard, much?) in their offices to make things seem more homey around here.  I kept forgetting to bring one in, so while I was out to lunch the other day, I bought one.  The scent is eucalyptus infusion and it smells a lot like vicks vap-o-rub.  I think it’s wonderfully calming, but I am being neurotic and not lighting it because I’m worried that other people in the office will think it stinks and then say things behind my back (*gag sounds* “What is that SMELL!? It smells like my grandma’s house!!). So instead, I stick my nose in it and inhale every 7 minutes or so, which is probably more likely to cause the coworkers to talk.  Why am I so insecure about this candle?

4.  Baby stuff

        David and I are pretty sure that we’ll be trying to get pregnant later this year and I am suddenly psychotic.  I have already decided on cloth diaper brands/methods, acceptable baby sling and carrier brands, a stroller, a crib, a rocking chair, crafts/knitting projects, parenting methods, preferred toys, baby food recipes, hand-me-downs my sister might give me, and possible birth locations and preferences.  Hello, my name is Jillian and I’m going to be One of Those Parents.

5.  Upcoming 5th Wedding Anniversary

        Traditional Gift: Wood (I know).  I typically like to go with the traditional gift, so I’m thinking we could spend a long weekend in a cabin somewhere (a log cabin).  Possibly even a cabin in the woods, to really drive home the theme.  This is a departure for me, but I find myself oddly drawn to some sort of rustic vacation for this anniversary.  No tv, no computers, just….I don’t know, what’s in the woods?  Nature, I guess.  Hm. 

Please leave comments that reassure me that I’m not actually crazy.


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