Lentils are the new black bean.

David and I experienced two Significant Dried Bean Failures in 2009, involving beans that boiled and boiled, but never softened (even after 14 hours of soaking and 5 hours of boiling).  Never again, my friends, for I have discovered the Silver Bullet of the legume world. 


They have all the meaty goodnes of regular beans, but they cook in 20 minutes.  All other beans are now dead to me and I am forever devoted to the lentil. 

I made this lentil soup/stew as our last homecooked meal in our old house and my oh my, it was exactly what we needed.  I whipped up a little cumin/turmeric/cayenne pepper yogurt sauce to go on top and I’m now drooling over the memories.  So good, people.  Make this.  I used Kale for my greens, because the supermarket was fresh out of fresh hardy greens, so I bought a bag of Glory’s and still have a ton left over.  I have no styled pictures of this soup, as it is rustic and I was ravenous, but trust me, it was a thing of beauty.  Here it is all ready to go:

Also, for those of you who are concerned about my knitting, yes, I’ve been knitting (a very little bit) and am currently working on a blanket for my future offspring (refresher from last week: I’m crazy) and a shawl for me (Breaking news: I’m apparently old, too). No pictures because one is in the car–brrr–and one is….in a box somewhere. Or maybe taped inside of my nightstand.

Update on gypsy-like living situation: we moved last weekend and hope to never ever move again for the rest of our lives. Also, Donnie and David should be commended for their feats of strength.


1 Response to “Lentils are the new black bean.”

  1. 1 David (the husband) February 3, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    Lentils are my new bff.
    also I love the new house. It has changed my life.

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