Lentils Lentils Lentils

Last night, we ate more lentils.  This has become quite the obsession, but I think we’ll be taking a bit of a break–not long, maybe just a week or so.  I think I just heard a faint “thank you” from my colon. 

We had the Lentil Burger recipe, again from 101cookbooks.  I’m now her biggest fan.  I actually made these twice over the weekend.  Once for 7 or 8 folks who joined us for dinner on Friday night and once for just David and I yesterday.  Just a warning–this was not really enough for that big of a crowd.  I ended up making them much thinner than the recipe called for and compensating with three sauce options, a big salad and two oven-fulls of fries.  The way these folks raved about those oven-fries–honestly, they’re just potatoes with olive oil,and what I like to call “the poverty spices”: onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper. 


If you make these burgers, I think you’ll appreciate how cohesive they are.  Often, veggieburgers are sort of crumbly, but I think since these are blended up a bit and fairly moist, they stick together very well and I had no trouble turning them.  Not sure how they’d hold up on an actual grill, though. 

Now I’m going to abruptly change the subject to something that’s been getting on my nerves.  My niece won’t speak to me. 

My sister and mother maintain that she talks ALL THE TIME and that she repeats EVERYTHING THEY SAY, etc, etc…  Then they say, Ellie, do you want to talk to your Aunt Jilly?  And she reaches out for the phone and I am saying hi and asking her what she’s doing and telling her I love her and popping blood vessels in my eyes with my excitement and high pitched talk-to-baby voice and all I hear in the background is my sister saying “Aww, Jill, she kissed the phone!” or, “She’s pointing to Elmo! She’s showing you Elmo!”  And then they take the phone back and I am defeated.  Again. 

This is driving me crazy!  Why is she so SILENT??  I think we’ll need to employ a webcam since she insists on only miming at me. But would my sister use it, or would I just be at my computer staring into blackness? 



2 Responses to “Lentils Lentils Lentils”

  1. 1 rosann February 8, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    Jillian….I am going to try and make this.

  2. 2 David (the husband) February 8, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    Yes. We need a webcam!
    Mom… You’re going to make lentil burgers? Omg.

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