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Last weekend, I went on a 48 hour, manic crafting spree.  I sewed a quilt top out of flannel shirts and sheets from Goodwill.  AND I recreated this for my very own home, with a different quote (“home is wherever I’m with you” from the song by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes).  This frenzy of making is the direct result of seeing so many inspiring projects around the Internet that I really want to make.  Some of these projects are for babies (no, I’m not pregnant, only planning) and some are just for my house.  I wanted to do a bit of a link roundup so that I can refer to this again later.  When I have more time.  Someday.  Quit laughing.

Although I want my nursery to be super cool, I don’t get the compulsion to buy a whole $200 crib bedding set when you can’t use any of it but the sheet.  In fact, I might be able to get away with not purchasing any bedding at all, if I make my own fitted sheets for the crib with this tutorial

Although we’ve gotten away from making our own cleaning supplies a bit in the past month or so, we received home made multi-purpose, glass, and tub cleaners as a housewarming gift and my enthusiasm for them is renewed.  They just smell sooo good–none of those cloying, chemical fumes.  I’m considering making some laundry detergent for us, too.  I think these tutorials for vinegar fabric softener, scented baking soda laundry booster and linen powder would be a good start for that. 

Baby/toddler boy clothing tutorials.

Free printable….prints at Feed Your Soul


Reusable bowl covers.  If these actually work, they are a great idea!

I would really like to learn to embroider soon, because my current hobbies are not quite old-lady enough for me yet.  This site seems like a really good resource to get started.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have a bike ALWAYS IN MY WAY?

So that’s it for now!  Maybe when the weather gets warmer/the days get longer/I win the lottery/I find a job where I only have to work 10 hours a week and get paid the same as I do now…with benefits, I’ll make some of these things!


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