I’ve accidentally neglected my blog.  Again.  Instead of whining about my jobs and how they prevent me from pursuing my true vocation(s) (laying on the couch, watching Anthony Bourdain, cooking, perfecting miscellaneous handicrafts, and of course, blogging about it), I will excite you with news!  One of my jobs gets a SPRING BREAK!!  So, for this week and this week only, I am back to a 37 hour work week like normal people!  So, back to blogging I go and I have SO MUCH backlogged content to discuss–like the napkins I sewed! and the table we built!  and the doll of myself I made!  and the SHIRT I MADE THAT FITS!!  So much to share!  So many exclamation points!!!!!!!

So, this post will actually not cover any of the above.  Instead, I will hold off till I have proper pictures and replace that content with my weekend plans.  MY NIECE IS COMING TO VISIT OMG.  Also my sister and brother in law, mom and dad and grandma. My first actual holiday.  And guess what?

I’ll tell you because, unless your last name is the same as one of mine, you’ll never guess.

We are having a TURDUCKEN for Easter dinner.  I’m sure you know what a turducken is, but I will tell you anyway because it’s fun to say.  It’s a turkey, stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a hen.  Is that not sick?  Oh, and…it’s Cajun.  Or Creole.  I don’t really know the difference.  Here’s an example:


 I’ll just give you a minute to collect your thoughts.

Okay.  So what does one serve with this mutant bird?  Well, I’ve decided to alter some more traditional holiday dishes to fit this…nontraditional theme we’ve started.

I’m planning on putting together some creamed spinach.  This a favorite of mine that I make fairly often, so I won’t have to be stressed about it coming out right.

Instead of mashed potatoes, I’m going to make these Bourbon Baked Sweet Potatoes from 101 cookbooks.  I can make this ahead, plus, we are in Kentucky, so bourbon is appropriate, I think.

 The bird(s) come with their own stuffing, but I’m also going to make this Spring Panzanella from smitten kitchen.  It’s light, room temperature and quick to make.  And I think I can make this ahead of time, too.

 Finally, for my mom, I’m going to make this Breton Buckwheat Cake.  I made it last year and, as soon as I tasted it, I thought of how much my mom and her mother (who passed away several years ago, just before Easter) would love it.  I am the latest in a long line of women who love a not-too-sweet dessert, and this cake is marvelous.  I’ll probably make some whipped cream and berry sauce for the sweet tooths among us, though. 

 Okay, since I HATE to put anything up without a picture (turduckens don’t count, obviously), here’s the doll I made for Ellie. 

aunt jilly doll

It’s Aunt Jilly!  Groovin to some tunes!  I still have to make one of David (or Unkadunk as he is known to Ellie).  I basically stole a pic of a paper doll body from flickr and hacked off her little head and put mine on instead, then printed it out onto transfer paper, ironed it onto some leftover flannel, drew an outline around it and sewed along the outline with a plain white backing, leaving a space above my head, then I filled it with lentils and sewed the top closed.  I got the basic idea from angry chicken.


1 Response to “Easter”

  1. 1 Anna March 30, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    What better Easter dinner! I’m sure back in the day they spent lots of time stuffing one animal inside of another inside of another at least for variety sake. Happy Easter everyone 🙂

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