Affected by the Season

I feel the same way about both spring and fall: even though I love these seasons more than any other, all I can think about is how quickly they pass.  The bulbs bloom for a week, then they die back, the trees are covered with flowers now, but come May, they’ll turn into green leaves.  Which are pretty, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about a 20 foot tree covered in tiny pink flowers that makes me just stare at it.  So spring and fall make me really happy, but also a little sad.

But then that dogwood tree finally opened up for us.

dogwood 1
dogwood 2

So I’m leaning more toward happy right about now.

And, lest you think we are not contributing to the beautification efforts around here, we’ve got some plants in the ground and in pots (not to mention the herbs, lettuce and peas–which are looking lovely already)!


Pansies get such a bad rap because of how they treated Alice in Wonderland. I think they’re as sweet as can be and don’t they sort of look like cat faces?


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