We built a table!!

After discussing AT LENGTH what kind of furniture we would need to accommodate our exhausting summer social schedule*, we finally decided that we needed a small conversation area and a gigantic table. We need to seat at least eight people, because we like to set up our single friends with eachother and it’s a bit more subtle if you have a larger group than if it’s just Us and Them. Also for flipcup.

Before I talk more about the table, I will say that I got THE BEST DEAL EVER on patio furniture. We got this set

from World Market (it’s not available anymore) for less than $200 with shipping and everything! 

ANYWAY, with the table, we weren’t so lucky.  We were looking for a farmhouse-style table, but just couldn’t find one that we could agree on.  Then, I found knock off wood (by way of one pretty thing) and the simple instructions that she gives, along with the regular people who built nice things empowered us to make this table! 

First, we built the frame:
As you can see, Maxwell was extremely interested in this whole process. I’m pretty sure he thought we were building him a bed. What a disappointment we are as his owners.

Then, we put in some supports:

Did you notice the wet deck, there? Yeah, it was raining. I was so obsessed with this project that I made David work in the rain to finish it. Poor thing…

Then we screwed on our top boards:
Look how bad the weather is! Oh my, I’m feeling a bit guilty now…

And then, I dropped the drill bit and it fell underneath the deck. YES, I CAN SOMETIMES BE FIDGETY. THIS IS NOT A CRIME, DAVID.

The next day, we screwed on the legs and put a table cloth on it so that we can take our sweet time agreeing on an appropriate finish for it.


We are a lot like congress in that it probably will take us forever to make a decision about that and when we do, one of us will not be happy.


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