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I alternate between feelings of rage and pity

Poor Maxwell.  Poor, stupid Maxwell.

You want to hear a funny story?  Let me set it up for you: We haven’t been keeping Maxwell in a crate anymore.  This is partially because he is a much calmer dog than he was several years ago, and we thought he could handle it, and also because he has a freakish ability to break out of every crate we buy, making “New Dog Crate” a fixture on our monthly budget.  So we’ve been keeping him in the basement when no one is home, and this has been working out okay for us.  Until Thursday. 

David and I were both out, so Maxwell was in the basement as usual…or was he?  I got a call from my neighbor informing me that my dog was, in fact with her.  Oh, and he is bleeding so could you please get him quickly.  I called David, who picked up Maxwell, whose foot was actually pretty badly cut, and took him to the vet where he had emergency surgery to stitch his foot back together.  Awesome.

The real crazy occurred when David went back home to find out how the heck our dog had escaped from our house.  Well, naturally, he had jumped THROUGH THE BASEMENT WINDOW.    Now, the why’s and how’s of this maneuver are (as with all of his great escapes) a total mystery to us, but there you have it.  Maybe the thunder scared him? Maybe there was a cat taunting him?  Maybe he was reenacting a bar fight scene from an old movie?  I will never know.  I do, however, know that David and I were basically shut ins this weekend, because SOMEONE can not be trusted to remain SANE when left alone.


And so I feel sorry for him, but I also want to give him a lecture on the value of the dollar–emergency veterinary surgery IS NOT CHEAP.



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