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Odds and Ends

David and I went to our first natural childbirth class last night and I didn’t think it was weird at all, but Raven has corrected me.  Apparently, it was, in fact, weird.  In my defense, I figured that this class would have a pretty strong hippie-bias—I mean, it meets at a yoga studio for goodness sake—so I guess my expectations for weirdness were set high.  So, when she asked us to draw our “pregnancy journey” and breathe calming colors into the muscles that we couldn’t relax, it just seemed par for the course.  I thought it was nice.  Next week, we will be drawing our “ideal birth”, and we are free to be literal or more abstract (birthing in a cloud or in a cave were some examples given).  This may be another red flag for weird.  I will have to consult Raven.

In other news, now that I’m over the poison ivy (which, by the way, was a major part of my pregnancy journey picture), I’m enjoying being pregnant a little more.  I can feel the baby move, which honestly is a little creepy and feels less like a miniature human and more like a giant eel doing figure eights in my abdomen.  Nevertheless, it is reassuring.  We have Things for the Nursery (curtains, a crib and a rug, to be exact) and I have created a virtual inspiration board so that we can better envision what the room will look like in the end (David secretly laughs about this).  AND, we find out if the baby is a boy or girl this Friday, so that is very exciting. 

I have no knitting or pictures to show, as I have been too busy eating all the time, but I’ll have something up soon—autumn finally decided to get with the program, and with cooler weather comes more knitting from yours truly.


Wooly Soakers

There is something strange about knitting something you know will get poop on it. We are going to use cloth diapers, so I’ve been knitting wool covers for them.  I, like you, have had my doubts about whether wool covers will actually work, but I have been reassured by the “cloth diapering community” that wool is the absolute best option.  Plus, pre-made wool covers run about $25-$40 each, so there must be something to it.  Apparently, wool can absorb a lot of liquid before feeling damp, is hypoallergenic, and is more breathable than synthetic options.  We shall see.  Anyway, so I’ve made these covers out of some of my favorite, gender neutral (not for long!!) yarns for this baby to pee and poop all over.  Hopefully, I won’t end up looking like a total schmuck at the end.

soaker 1

This is probably the most basic soaker pattern out there: Wool Diaper Cover in an unlabeled 100% wool yarn I got on clearance with the intention of trying out hand dyeing.  Turns out I like it best in white.

soaker 2

This is a super popular pattern on ravelry–the Curly Purly.  I used Manos del Uruguay that I got for Christmas from my mom and dad.  I still haven’t really decided on leg cuffs yet.

soaker 3

These are probably my favorite of the bunch because they don’t need to be pulled onto the baby.  The pattern is the WHW Plain Wrap and they basically look like regular diapers.  This is in Patons Classic Wool and that same white unmarked yarn.  Both are very sturdy, if not very soft, but they’re not too itchy.

And finally, my absolute favorite, which I will be making again, a bit smaller:

The Kanoko pants in Cascade Eco+.  These kill me with the cuteness.  Instead of ribbing at the top, which is so bulky, I made a casing and will sew in an elastic band instead.  I used a thicker weight yarn with these, so they may not fit till next fall, but that’s the nice thing about knitting for babies–they will grow.

Since June

Did I forget to mention that I would be taking a two month long blog vacation?  The truth is, I don’t do a lot of cooking or knitting in the summertime.  I was actually starting to get a little worried about myself last month–will I EVER knit again? why did I ever cook when frozen dinners are SO DELICIOUS?  If I would have sat down and thought about it for a minute, I would have realized that it is normal to avoid a hot stove and a lapful of wool when it’s 100 degrees outside.  Duh.

Also, I’m pregnant.  I KNOW.

21 weeks along and it has not exactly been a walk in the park for me, but I think the second half will be better than the first.  The first few months were sort of queasy, then I felt GREAT for approximately 1 week, which was when I must have accidentally ground poison ivy leaves into my forearms, because that is the only possible explanation of how I developed the blistered, oozing, flesh eating plague that has been occupying me for the past three weeks.  And the itching.  I can’t even describe it, except to say that there is no greater physical ecstasy than scratching poison ivy.  It is almost a religious experience, but eventually, you scratch down to your bone and you have to stop, and that’s when the itching really starts.

Anyway, my arms still look like I was the victim of a chemical burn, but I feel much better.  Better enough to knit stuff for the baby.  Let’s face it, knitters have babies mostly so that we can knit for them.


Cabled babysocks!!!  And knee socks at that.  Did I mention that this kid will be born at the end of January?  PERFECT KNITTING WEATHER.

These are Four Seasons Cabled Baby Socks in Encore 75% acrylic/25% wool–and one of the wooliest feeling acrylic blends I have used.


A baby bonnet!  This is actually the Top down bonnet with Anime Character, without the anime character, in Malabrigo Merino Worsted.  I changed the decreases, because they were looking weird, and instead of ties, I made a strap, because I feel like ties are strangley.

And one work in progress:

This will be the Baby professor vest in Sublime 50% soya/50% cotton.  This will be in a good size for spring or fall 2011, depending on how big this baby ends up being.  David and I were both 9 pounders, so we’ll see.  Let’s not think about that just now, though, okay?

I’ve also made a few diaper covers, because we’ll be cloth diapering and apparently hand knit wool covers are the way to go.  I can’t believe my luck!  I’ll show those later, though, now that I’m back to regular posting.


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