Last Friday, all 4 soon-to-be grandparents came to see the “big ultrasound” where we would find out what, exactly, this child has going on between the legs, if you know what I mean.  The answer?  NOTHING, which means…GIRL!  Join me in a contented sigh of relief.  Just kidding (sort of), a boy would have been fine, and in fact, it’s sort of weird to let that go.  No little boy.  But, as a member of a girl-dominant family myself and as a knitter, this is good news.

After the ultrasound, David and I had a lot of discussions about gender neutrality and how we would obviously not be going pink and purple crazy or anything like that.  Immediately following this conversation, I knit a purple pointy hat and bought hot pink yarn for a blanket.  Oopsie.

Hat 2

This is the gnomey child’s hat from Ravelry, done in the beautiful and pricey and (sob) now discontinued Noro Iro that I’ve been hoarding for months now.  Seriously, if you find this yarn, buy it and then spend the weekend running a single strand between your thumb and index finger.  You will be transported.  I know this looks blue in the picture, but David’s iPhone could never properly capture the color transitions of Noro.  Trust me, it’s pink and purple with a mauvey gray stripe.  So pretty.

Car seat blanket in progress

 And this is the cuddly cotton baby blanket from the purl bee.  Obviously, if you are having a baby in the middle of winter, you do not make their blanket from cotton, so this is done in the lovely and washable Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (a name that always, ALWAYS elicits a little giggle from David).  I ask you, is there anything on this earth more gratifying than knitting super-bulky yarn on giant needles in October?  The answer is no.  This guy is almost done–I just have to sew the scalloped edges on (which will make it match our stroller and carseat perfectly, I might add) and then we will have two completed projects for baby girl. 

Projects on the docket: The February Baby Sweater, of course.  Also, I have almost completed a skirt for the crib.  Sewn not knitted.  Our nursery is yellow and gray (see, we didn’t completely throw the gender neutral concept out the window) and it is hard to find anything for babies in those colors. Also, we’re not buying a set of bedding, since half of it seems to be designed to suffocate your baby and I can already hear my future 2am conversations with David about the baby breathing:

David: is she breathing?

Me: Yes.

David: You didn’t even check!

Me: (checking) She’s breathing.

David: (coming over the check for himself) Okay.



2 Responses to “A GIRL!”

  1. 1 David (the husband and baby girl daddy) October 6, 2010 at 11:38 am

    I am guilty on all accounts….
    that is why we need the monitor with the breathing alert…
    just saying.

  2. 2 Andrea October 6, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    Congrats! Glad you’re going for gender neutral colors still. My mom recently refused to buy a bib with monkeys on it for my niece because it was “for boys” *rolling eyes*

    And David, I will sometimes panic and check to make sure the dog is still breathing at night so I am all for the breathing alert monitor 🙂

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