This time FOR ME!

Happy belated Halloween!  Ever since David and I first got married and moved to our first apartment, I have wished for trick or treaters to come to the door by the dozen.  Unfortunately, things just never worked out for us.  When we lived in neighborhoods with lots of kids, it was not safe for said children to be out at night (we’ve lived in some rough areas), and when we lived in safer neighborhoods, there were very few children.  Well, I’m happy to report that our seventh home is a perfect blend of safe area and full of kids, so we had about 50 trick-or-treaters!  And, as an added bonus this year, Maxwell sat at the door watching these strangers approach us to take our candy and did not behave like a rabid killer!  There is hope for him, yet, people.


 And look how cute we can make him look, when we put his head in a vice-grip and torture him with blindness!  And note also the presence of a very attractive human face on this blog!  All this anonymity just seems really silly to me at this point, so I’m ending it, starting with David.  This is what he looks like, Internet and he is not afraid of you or your spying ways. 

Anyhoo, the handsome man above and I are embarking on sort of an adventure this weekend–a train ride!  Yes, we will be taking a train from Kentucky to Philadelphia to visit the In-Laws and to attend our baby shower!  I’m not really sure how we decided to take the train–something to do with the expense of flying and the discomfort of driving 12 hours during one’s 3rd trimester (I can’t believe it, either).  There are only two major down-sides to travelling by train: 1. it leaves at 4:30am 2. it’s an 17 hour trip.  But the big positive?  Knitting time.  Also Dining Cart.  And Bathrooms.  So we shall see.  In preparation for this epic train ride, I have purchased yarn and plan to make a baby sweater–perhaps the February Baby Sweater, fitting since this little girl will most likely come a few days after her January 31st due date.  I was excited to see that Malabrigo is testing a superwash worsted weight yarn, but passed over it for the dk weight Silky Merino and it is beautiful. 

I smiled goofily while turning the hanks into cakes and kept saying to David, in the next room, “This is making me so happy!”  Weird, I know.  It’s like I have the opposite of pregnancy hormones.  I’m sure David would agree…RIGHT, DAVID?!  I also picked up a hank of regular Malabrigo Worsted in colorway Vermillion, because I was completely out after making those blue fingerless mitts. 


And what did I make with the new yarn?  FIngerless mitts, natch. But these are different, because, unlike the last dozen pairs I’ve made, they are FOR ME! And while knitting them up, I couldn’t help but sing Rose’s song, the final anthem in Gypsy Rose Lee, which ends with Patti Lupone screaching several half-crazed repetitions of, “For me!” Pictures to follow.  Of the mitts, not my performance.


1 Response to “This time FOR ME!”

  1. 1 rosann November 2, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    Turning hanks into cakes??

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