5 Months!

Newsflash: having a baby takes up ALL OF YOUR TIME. So, I’ve neglected this blog for a while.

Here are some things:

I have become the person who only posts pictures/updates related to their baby. Someone actually told me that usually that annoys her, but she really enjoys all my pictures of Ruby. I know she was lying though, because even I am slightly annoyed at my own self when I post baby item after baby item. I don’t care, though, because I think Ruby is the best thing on Facebook and Twitter. Also the planet.

I am not tired, because Ruby sleeps for 12+ hours every night. While I was pregnant, I assumed I’d spend most nights rocking in the corner and singing Do-A-Ditty-Ditty-Dum-Ditty-Do loud enough to block out the screams coming from the sleepless baby in the crib. Instead, David and I sit on the porch drinking wine together or, alternatively, watch 5 consecutive episodes of Scrubs after eating our homemade dinner in total peace and quiet after Ruby goes to sleep at 7:00.

Breastfeeding got much easier!

Sometimes it feels like everyone wants to make you feel like every parenting decision you make is LIFE OR DEATH and you had better make the right one or YOUR BABY WILL SURELY DIE/BE OBESE/NEVER SLEEP/BE AUTISTIC/HAVE ADHD/HAVE A PEANUT ALLERGY/HATE YOU FOREVER/GO BLIND/GO DEAF/GO BLIND AND DEAF. This is no exaggeration, and I think it’s one of the saddest things about being a parent.  In all honesty, the best thing anyone can say to a new mother is that most things don’t really matter that much. And that she looks awesome.

I often wondered if I would know if I had an ugly baby, since all mothers seem to think their babies are cute, even if their baby looks sort of…funny. Unfortunately, I gave birth to the most adorable baby to ever live, so I guess I’ll never know.


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