Welcome to Hasenfeffer Incorporated, a little blog dedicated to the pursuit of simplicity.  We are two friends, Raven and Jillian, who hope to document our progress as we wean ourselves off of fake and unnatural nastiness in what we buy and how we live.  We have a long way to go—I’m actually drinking Crystal Light as I’m writing this—but we are taking it one step at a time.  We will try to stick to the topics of cooking, sewing, knitting, crafting and concocting replacements for unwanted products (cleaning supplies, shampoo, maybe even deodorant!), but don’t be surprised if we stray into rants and tangents from time to time.  We both have a tendency to make do if we are missing a key ingredient, so don’t be shocked if there are a lot of bungled projects as well!  Please feel free to leave comments, because they create a euphoria for us that is difficult to explain and that results in many high-pitched exclamations and reading aloud to supportive, if not equally excited, family members and pets.


We are both married girls, so expect to hear about our husbands (Donnie and David) frequently as they are often the victims of our experiments in simplicity.


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