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Nomads No More

David and I have been somewhat nomadic for the past 6 years, but last February, we actually renewed a lease for the very first time. This December we will have lived in this house longer than any other we’ve inhabited (including the one we owned!).

We love our house, but that old feeling is returning. The one that makes me consider what my stuff would look like in another setting. We’re getting restless. Our current house is the right one for us for now, though, so a couple weeks ago, we started trying some things to help us suppress our urge to move.

So, we switched our artwork around, we moved my sewing table downstairs, we reorganized our bookshelves. We made resolutions to use all of our CSA produce, to only put Ruby in disposable diapers when we absolutely have to, to go on a family walk every day, and then we broke them all before the week was out. We talked about me quitting my job to stay home with Ruby. We did our budget. We got a little freaked out and decided to revisit that later.

Surprisingly, all this superficial rearranging did the trick. But I’m sure that come January, we’ll both be checking out craigslist just to see what’s out there.

Other new stuff on my mind:

Shouldn’t we get chickens? I would make this coop and they would be Easter Eggers.  Do I even have to tell you that David is against this idea? I am working on him, though.

Ruby needs a Christmas stocking! To knit or to sew? Hmm

The GED class I teach just finished reading The Hunger Games.  Next up:  Catching Fire.  Thank goodness students filter out, or else they would surely catch on to the fact that all the books I choose are young adult science fiction with strong dystopian future themes.  Hahaha


Let’s try Potpourri for $600, Alex

If you are reading this, you made it through the holidays!  Give yourself a pat on the back.  Now go back to work. 


In the interest of starting 2009 out on the right foot, I must confess that I cheated on some of my New Year’s Resolutions.  Most of those items were already In The Works, so it really didn’t take any fresh resolve at all.  I’m pretty much relying on inertia to help me follow through.  I am not one to dismiss resolve just because it came a couple days early, so here are my checked off New Year’s Resolutions:


#1. Knit a Blanket.  Done, 1/4/2009


I finished the Carseat Blanket from Ravelry and wove in the ends just last night.  My sister gave me some Vanna’s Choice yarn for Christmas, so I will basically be returning it to her in the form of something Useful and Cute.  Lucky her!


#4.  Make Macarons. Finito, 12/30/2008


The only confection on earth more complicated than Martha Stewart’s Pumpkin Soufflé is Martha Stewart’s Honey Hazelnut Macarons.  But we persevered and the final result was a bizarre cookie, indeed.  Super light, and a bit too sweet, I think, but the texture and taste were what made this so weird.  They were fluffy, melty, nutty, buttery and creamy all at once.  Alien cookies if you ask me.  Those little delights behind the cookies are pastries with carmelized onions, gorgonzola, parmesan and tomatoes from Ina’s Back to Basics cookbook (thanks Mom H!).


#5.  Move out of ritzy apartment and into cozy old house. Must happen in May whether I am resolved or not.


David and I have spent a lot of time discussing the fact that in our grown up lives, we have never lived in any one location for more than 18 months or so (usually closer to 12).  We haven’t decided on whether or not this shows some sort of weakness or fault on our part, but we just can’t help ourselves.  Before you assume that I am crazy, you must understand that it’s not the moving that we love, but the change.  We are change addicts, it seems.  I love to see what my furniture looks like in a new place.  So sue me.  Anyway, our lease on our super-modern-and-luxurious loft will be up in May and we will be free to move into a drafty old four-plex or a tiny bungalow with no closets.  Now you really think I’m crazy.  Unfortunately, our current situation lacks two very important amenities: Quiet and respectful neighbors and a yard for Mr. Maxwell to poop on.  So we can’t stay, and I really do miss living in an old house. (I will miss you straight walls and granite counters!)


Ah, now that I have that off my chest, I can tell you the newest project: Canning (which should really be called Jarring, but whatever).  David made an enormous pot of my grandmother’s spaghetti sauce and canned it last night.  This is our first foray into the world of preservation and we found it to be a stressful, but rewarding process.  Especially that part where you put your perfectly intact jars of sauce into a boiling pot of water and listen as they knock around like they’re about to either launch into the air or explode.  Yeah, that was really great.  I had to talk David down a few times, as he was ready to take them out and just freeze it all, but we made it through and the tops popped, just like they should have.  It’s really neat to see that particular sauce all jarred up.  Very special to me.


So, the first project of the year was a roaring success, and we’ve got so many more in the queue!  For example: what’s going on with this little ball of loveliness? 


Wouldn’t you like to know!

Hyper-focus: ACTIVATE!

It occurred to me today that I am always caught off-guard when asked about New Year’s Resolutions.  The truth is, I never have any.  In fact, I usually feel like I have no control over my own resolve whatsoever.  The way things usually happen is that I will suddenly be overcome with the urge to take on a project (painting the living room, knitting a blanket, losing weight, cleaning out my closet, etc), and then work on it feverishly until it is done.  This is the only way I ever get things done—long periods of total inactivity randomly punctuated by copious output.  I call this phenomenon “hyper-focus” and use it to excuse my lazy procrastination.  So now you see that my crazy mind makes it own resolutions and follows through with them regardless of the corresponding holiday. 


That being said, I want to at least pretend to have some resolutions on hand to tell people when they ask, so here they are:


My list of imaginary and futile resolutions:


1.) Knit a blanket (this is not really fair, since blanket fever is already going strong and I’ve already cast on for this)

2.) Learn to knit fair isle stuff and make some mittens

3.) Sew a party skirt

4.) Make Pad Thai and macarons (also not fair, since I’ve been obsessing over these for some time already)

5.) Move out of ritzy apartment and into cozy, old house

6.) Buy more shoes

7.) Finish the bird mobile that I started for Ellie before she moves into a big girl bed

8.) Get internet at home and take better care of the netflix cue so we stop getting stupid movies in the mail.

9.) Reupholster a piece of furniture like these folks did


Well, there they are.  By the way, this post was inspired by Andrea, whom I have voted Most Likely to See Her Resolutions to Fruition.


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