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One leg must freeze.

Raven is horrified by the cold. I understand that, as a native Alabaman Alabamian (is that really what they’re called?), she is more sensitive than me, but when she talks about last winter, you can tell she’s very disturbed by the idea that it’s going to happen again. She has come up with some layering ideas that will shield her from the impending Arctic Tundra (full-body long-underwear, Uggs, snow pants, legwarmers, bonnets…), and I think it’s helping her cope with the scary flashbacks. To further enable her cold-weather phobia, I made her a pair of leg-warmers. I just knitted up two ribbed rectangles out of reclaimed wool, then (when I tried to fit one around my calf and couldn’t) I made two little triangles of worsted weight wool for the backs. When I say I made them, I mean that in my mind, they are done, but in reality one still needs to be sewn together.

I just really hate threading that tapestry needle.

Even though the Very Scientific and Reliable Facebook Personality Test says that I am way less neurotic than, say, Raven and David, tasks like threading needles make me question my sanity. Tapestry needles in particular have the ability to make me almost cry—like I have to put it down or else I will have A Fit. Plugging things in behind the bed will do that to me, too. I just get so FRUSTRATED by it, which is why I will sometimes put off an easy project like leg warmers—even though I want Raven’s legs to be warm. It’s very Jekyll and Hyde of me.

I know that this whole inconvenience could be avoided if I just learn to KNIT IN THE ROUND, but I will not do that. Again, there is no reason for this, but I don’t even like to think about knitting in the round. Or making Cables. Or “Crochet Cast-On” whatever that is. Those are all things that make me nervous.



I secretly made our blog, Raven! Ha!

This post is just so that you don’t get an error message when you look at it for the first time, but I think we can replace it with our formal plan for this blog.  Its manifest destiny, if you will…

You better get started on your list of projects!


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