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OMG!! UFO’s!!

This morning, my unfinished objects conducted an intervention, each in its turn shaming me for my lack of initiative.


A sleeveless, collarless sweater, which I am now panicking over because I’m not sure if the recipient will like it or the color (which David, who is closely related to the recipient, chose).  Looking for encouragement from David was a huge mistake, though:

Me: I’m thinking about ripping out that sweater for ______ (you probably know who you are anyway, but let’s keep the mystery alive, shall we?).  I’m just not sure about the pattern or the color.  Do you think she’ll like it?

David: I really like it.

Me: I know, but do you think SHE will like it?

David: I think she SHOULD like it.

Me: I know, but do you think she WILL LIKE IT??


Me: [head explodes]

So that’s where I am with this sweater.

Number 2: A luxurious baby alpaca scarf.


This scarf.  Oy.  The pattern said it would just use one skein of the fairly-expensive-but-worth-it-for-squish-factor, yarn.  Well, one skein made a potholder sized scarf.  Maybe, if I sewed it into a circle, it would be a cowl, but the recipient is not really likely to wear a cowl, so I needed more yarn.  I bought another skein and hey, look!  Now it looks like a scarf!  for a toddler.  shoot.  So I bought ANOTHER SKEIN AND NOW IT REALLY BETTER WORK BECAUSE THIS HAS TURNED INTO A $45 SCARF.  So I’m putting that off, just in case I have an anxiety attack at the end.

Also, this hat, which matches an unphotographed (and *ahem* also unfinished) scarf.


I am ripping this out and am planning to replace the brown with gray (to better match the scarf) and I’m pretty much going to go with a different pattern. I really just started this, so I don’t feel too bad about not yet finishing it/ripping it out.

Next up, the lonely mitten club.  Oh my, this is embarrassing.  I have 4 gloves with no mates.  There is no excuse for this.


You know what’s even more embarrassing about these mitts?  See that long black one in the middle?  I made it yesterday and it’s mate is actually almost done–I just have to put a thumb on.  They are a replica of a pair of mittens worn in the first Twilight movie.  And I’m planning to finish the second one so I can wear it to New Moon tonight.  I will be shocked if I allow that information to make it into the final post.

My final piece is probably the closest one to completion.  It’s Ellie’s zip up jacket.


I just have to figure out what to do with the zipper tops (fold them over and sew them down or find some zipper stops for them?).

So, I have all these unfinished objects sitting around with first-child syndrome, messing up my house, filling up my yarn basket, using needles that I currently need, and generally acting out for attention.  And what do I do instead?


I buy more yarn, of course.


Fun with Cross Stitch

I spent my lunch today using this site to create cross stitch patterns.  I think these would make really sweet Christmas presents. 

Save the drama

I will cut you

I will cut you

Feel free to print and use.


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